How to make Mince Pie Twists

We’re all in the thick of it, aren’t we? We’re in the final countdown to Christmas. Wrapping presents, the final shopping trips and of course, some festive baking.

This year I’m off to Australia so I haven’t really had the chance to do much baking this year. Unfortunately everything has been channelled into getting packed and ready for our trip!

So consequently I’ve been looking for a fast and furious festive bake that I can put together in the space of 20 minutes. Thankfully Twitter came to my rescue with a recipe from Jus Rol for some mince pie twists. Here’s the recipe and my first bash at making them.

The Jus Rol ingredients

My changes

Shortcrust pastry isn’t my favourite. I find it a bit claggy and rich, so I’ve replaced it with puff pastry which is lighter and I think better suited to a pastry twist. Yeah, I think I’m Nigella already changing the recipe and getting all cocky – ha ha!

Step 1 – Roll out and spread!

Put your oven on before to warm up! The recipe says ovens should be at 200 degrees celsius, fan assisted at 180 degrees celsius and gas ovens on gas mark 5. It also says to use the greaseproof paper supplied in the packet to line two large baking trays – a time saving winner.

So I opted for pre-rolled pastry, both lazy and quick. Two sheets are perfect as then you don’t even need to cut this! Act quickly as puff pastry likes the cold.

Spread the mince filling on the pastry. I’ve gone for Marks and Spencers but, you can get filling from most good supermarkets.

Grate on plenty of orange zest – this smells divine. Why are oranges so wonderful at Christmas?

Step 2 – Cover it!

Get out your next layer of pastry, unroll and lay on the top.

Then, evenly spread your cinnamon and caster sugar gently pressing it into the pastry.

If you are using puff, don’t press to hard as you’ll damage the layers that have been worked into the dough which is what make it puff up.

Yes, I’m so glad you noticed. I was trying nail varnishes on earlier, golds, pinks and sparkles. I went for the pink nail varnish FYI and washed my hands properly before getting my bake on! (Yes I did Mum, don’t worry!)

Step 3 – Cut it up!

The recipe says to cut it into 16. I meant to, I really did but, in my haste I cut it into eight. Eight rather thick twists. Never mind – all the more to enjoy!

Pop them on the tray twisting as you go.

I learnt with the puff pastry that they need to be separated to crisp up, cook and raise. Lesson learnt! So put them on the tray with a gap around them- not like I have done in the picture!

Put less not the tray and leave a bigger gap between each twist!

Step 4 – Cook it!

Pop it in the oven for 15 minutes and check on it around the 10 minute mark. Puff pastry might take a bit longer – so keep an eye on it as it’s cooking to see if it’s puffed up and gone a nice golden colour.

Allow to cool and decorate with icing sugar or, if like me you forgot the icing sugar, serve in their natural state!

I didn’t leave enough space, so after this I separated them out and baked them for a bit longer.

I’ll be testing these out on my work colleagues tomorrow – I hope they like them!

If you’d like the Jus Rol recipe guide, I don’t blame you, it’s below if you want something shorter, sharper and probably done by an actual chef!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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