How to make a Christmas snowflake jingle bell garland

In this ‘how to’ creation I’ve embraced this year’s resurgence of the macrame trend and mashed it up with Christmas for a festive make.

I hope you like this festive creation from my brain, once you have the individual bits it’s relatively quick to put together.

The knotting of the macrame garland is the bit that takes the most time though.

I gave these as gifts this Christmas and some have been hung up and others put on Christmas trees as alternative tinsel decorations.

Here’s a step by step guide if you fancy making your own…

This creation came to mind when I accidentally bought a lot of macrame rope from Hobby Craft that wouldn’t fray.

I couldn’t complete the project that I wanted to do originally and Hobby Craft wouldn’t take the rope back because I’d attempted to fray the end, unsuccessfully. We live, we learn!

FYI – if you’re just venturing into the world of macrame like me, there’s two type of macrame rope, the kind the frays and the kind that doesn’t. 😂😂😂


How many snowflakes and bells you need really depends on how long you’d like your garland.

You can make it as long as you like but remember to make sure you have enough of the items to sew onto it to make it look festively full.

I found having all the bits for the garland helped plan how it would look and spacing – this can be done with the string or by drawing it out.

Top Tip – If you’re making these at Christmas gifts start early, I ran out of time and only managed to make six! The knotting of the garlands is something very easy to do in front of the TV of an evening, you just need to make sure it’s done well in advance of December if you’re making more than one.

What you need

To make one garland approximately 6ft…

  • 1 x roll of macrame string
    • I used ‘Return of the Mac’ from Hobby Craft
  • 1 x pack of 20 jingle bells 
    • Medium sized from The Range in gold and silver
  • 1 x pack of 200 mini jingle bells
    • From Flying Tiger in gold and silver
  • 1 x pack of 48 mini wooden snow flakes – use 7-8 to space between the bigger snowflakes
    • I found these at The Range
  • 1 x pack of 8 big wooden snow flakes
    • I found these at The Range


  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Cotton Thread in White
  • A peg

Making the garland

STEP 1 – Cut four lengths of macrame rope. I didn’t measure out a width but instead I did a bit of a guess and measured using my arm span. 😂

Each length of rope was two and a half times my arm span, each one was approximately 440cm. The rope doesn’t go as far as you think, so if you want a long garland, make sure you cut enough.

Also, once you make a few you’ll realise the two ropes that are used as the centre can be much, much shorter than the two outer ropes used to do the knotting. But, for your first one and for ease, just make them all the same length.

STEP 2 – Knot the four pieces of rope together at one end.

STEP 3 – Leave about 10cm and tie another secure knot – this creates the ‘hook’ for your garland to be hung up by.

STEP 4 – Knot the entire length apart from the 15cm on the end. Use a peg to secure it to a pillow or something else to hold in in place so you can knot more easily.

Don’t know how to knot the rope so it goes in a spiral?

It isn’t tricky to learn, you can pick up this simple knot by watching this handy You Tube tutorial…

STEP 5 – With the final 10-15cms make two knots about 10cm apart. This is the second hook that will hold your garland up.

STEP 6 – Lay your garland on the floor and line up your bells and snowflakes along it to make sure it looks evenly spaced.

STEP 7 – Sew the snowflakes and bells to the spiral rope garland.

You can have them hanging, tight to the spiral, however you like! I opted for some hanging and some tight.

I even put some bells in the centre of the snowflakes and sewed them on.

STEP 8 – Hold it up and give it a jingle – your snowflake bell garland is complete!

My garland has been hung up along the curtain rail and been on our tree.

The biggest gift is giving these and seeing them hung up in people’s homes – it’s really sweet and I’m so happy they are appreciated. I was sent two pictures of the garlands hung up in the homes they were gifted to. Take a look…

Let me know if you’ve had a go at making your own festive snowflake garland.

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