Home is a feeling! room2 launches the world’s first “hometel” in Southampton

New brand room2 is combining the best bits of a traditional hotel and all the comforts and convenience of life at home with the launch of its “hometel” concept in Southampton.

With a decor to die for and reasonably priced, spacious, well-equipped rooms, room2 is set to change the face of the hospitality industry!

Want to find out more and have a little glimpse at the new hometel? Go on then…

You’re darn right room2 Southampton – home is a feeling!

If you’re wondering where room2 is it’s just off Queens Terrace by the park near the ferry terminals at the bottom of Southampton. It runs parallel to the middle of Oxford Street, so if you stay you’ll be able to go for a great meal just one minute round the corner from your hotel room. Bonus!

It’s unbelievably exciting to have such an amazing concept launch in Southampton! You really need to see how amazing the rooms and facilities are so here’s some pictures from the launch night so you can get a feel for the hometel concept.

Come on in to the living room…

Here’s the living room!
These sofas are interior goals! How gorgeous, and we haven’t even seen the rooms yet!
There’s a deli with snacks and meals and some very delicious coffee!
The spirits behind the bar have been expertly chosen and are diverse – it’s a really nice mix!
Industrial meets luxury meets scandi – the interior is just beaut however you want to describe it!
Grab essentials and snacks from The Pantry!
There’s even a laundry room and a gym!
The gym!
room2’s living room

I also really liked the ethos behind the company, it’s set up by two brothers who are really focused on transforming the hotel industry.

At the official launch party room2 founder and managing director Robert Godwin explains
why they’re throwing away the rulebook: “We’re looking to fill a huge gap in the market
where people – whether they’re working or on holiday – want a much more flexible approach
to staying away, allowing them to maintain the routine they enjoy at home.”

We hear you Robert and we are so on board. With room2 you’re getting the most bang for your buck as well as a better all round experience.

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up of paying through the nose for sub standard hotels, I really think this is going to revolutionise hotels at this price point. Find out prices on the room2 website.

It feels like a very European feeling and approach to hospitality – you’d expect to find this in Barcelona not the sunny shores of the south coast!

Priority has been given to comfort and convenience so there’s online check in facilities and you can access your room using a smart phone with blue tooth, so you don’t even need a key if you don’t want one! It also makes arriving and leaving extremely flexible and quick.

Let’s look at the rooms…

Bang on trend aqua and blush pink rooms are stunning and are bound to be popular with fans of Instagram
Every detail has been thought about – it’s gorgeous!
There’s even cute little details in the bathrooms, not to mention the most amazing tiles!
Beautiful bathroom tiles!

Each room comes with a mini kitchen and some have an upstairs with a separate sleeping area which will be great for kids or groups.

There’s plenty of space and an extra bed upstairs in what I like to call the nook!
Rooms also have a dining table, kitchen and are bigger than your average hotel room!
Some of the rooms have incredible park views!

There’s so many extra benefits like a box of bits in your room full of post it notes, pens, tape and loads of other extras that you usually keep in ‘that drawer’ at home. The attention to detail is incredible.

On the evening after speeches and the official opening by Southampton’s Mayor we were set loose in the hometel for a treasure hunt style way of exploring the rooms. Special activities helped guests to explore each room!

Each room had an activity and a number to find that lead you to the next room – it was a lot of fun. One room had board games, another prosecco and Polaroid instant photos and another had a waffle maker. I’ll let you guess which room was the most popular! No I won’t, you already know it’s the room that had the waffles in it! 😍😍😍

I’ve never seen such epic waffle machines!

Back downstairs some partners of room2 treated us to lovely HMS Spirits’ Mary Rose gin and tonics and Jude’s Ice Cream. I ruddy love Jude’s and the coconut flavour is just incredible. It’s also black, like my soul, jokes! But no, really, it is black. Don’t let it put you off, it is sublime!

I do love a gin and tonic!
What a treat!
Oh Jude’s – this ice cream is up in my all time favourites and I have consumed a lot of ice cream in my time!

I wish I’d taken more photographs there’s so much more that I’ve missed but, I guess that’s good in a way as it will give you plenty to explore if you visit!

You need to go and check the hometel concept out, even if it’s just to sit on one of those gorgeous velvet sofas or snuggle into one of those beds with a gorgeous park view. I mean can you imagine the sumptuous Sunday lie in that you could have in that gorgeous setting? I can!

It was a fantastic launch and there was a great atmosphere – I can’t wait to go back for a stay!

For prices and to find out more about the hometel concept visit http://www.room2.com.

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