Helms Grill Co.

Helms Grill Co. is a pop up grill and smokehouse catering events across Cornwall. It currently has a more permanent home just outside Polzeath and is available for takeaway.

If you’re in the area and need a spot of dinner, you’ve got to visit, here’s why…

Helms Grill Co. a pop up grill and smokehouse in Cornwall

Helms Grill Co.

Serving up home grown and reared produce Helms Grill Co is doing BBQ and smokehouse classics in its own way. And, I am here for it!

You’ll find this pop up on the road into Polzeath, by  Restharrow Farm Shop.

It’s the brainchild of two creative pals, Dave Helm and Owen Davis. Dave has over twenty years experience as a chef and Owen is a farmer and engineer.

Helms Grill Co. a pop up grill and smokehouse in Cornwall

Their combined skills complement each other so well that they custom built a pop up grill that runs on Cornish sustainable charcoal, seasoned oak and applewood. All their food is cooked on this and as you can imagine tastes fantastic as a result!

I love their ethos which is ‘Why rely on others when we can produce it ourselves and know everything has been done properly and we have happy animals and proper vegetables.’

Largin Farm

Helms Grill Co has its own farm is on the outskirts of Bodmin Moor and supplies the pop up hut with vegetable and meat. They even make honey from their 60 bee hives.

Dave and Owen own and manage the farm themselves and produce all the food at Helms Grill Co. from it. I am envious of the set up and their approach, it feels like they’re definitely ahead of the curve.

The grill at Helms Grill Co. in Cornwall


After a long day of body boarding we headed up to the Polzeath pop up. It’s by a camping and caravan site at the top of the village, look out for the hut and the big BBQ sign that stand proud above it.

Helms Grill Co. a pop up grill and smokehouse in Cornwall

There was so much on the menu that I’d eat from big burgers to mackerel, prawns and halloumi. And, don’t even start me on The Big G – double burger, double bacon, double cheese with everything! You can see pictures on their Instagram account and it looks mouth waveringly good.

I, and everyone I went with, had the lamb flatbread which had salsa, pickled cabbage, mint yogurt and a side of roast vegetable couscous. It was weirdly a unanimous decision and I think a really good one.

Helms Grill Co. a pop up grill and smokehouse in Cornwall

It was absolutely delicious, the meat is infused with that oak smokey taste – it’s not Dave and Owen’s first rodeo! I’m always so pleased to find incredible pop up street food places that are producing really, really good food.

New Discovery

What’s really funny is that this wasn’t our first choice, we’d gone for our annual fish and chips on the beach but the chippy was closed. A friend suggested Helms, so we popped up and I am so glad we did. Sometimes you find the best things when you don’t mean to!

Helms Grill Co. a pop up grill and smokehouse in Cornwall

It is another amazing food discovery in Polzeath. For somewhere so small, it really does have plenty of good places to eat.

I wish we had tried it sooner as I know we would have gone back to try a couple of other things on the menu like The Big G.

Visit the Helms Grill Co. website.

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