Happy New Year
from Bright Lights Big City!

Oh man alive, I’m so happy for 2020 to be here, and can’t wait to see what happens with the blog this year. I’m full of hope and ready to make 2020 a year of learning, self-growth and great experiences.

New Year Resolutions

If you’re a regular here you’ll know that I stick a big TWO FINGERS UP to new year resolutions. They are a load of RUBBISH.

Resolutions make me unhappy. It’s like setting myself up to fail for the year ahead and why on earth would you do that when there’s a new fresh adventure to be had with the new year.

As always my commitment is to continue to seek happiness, love and to try my very best at everything I do.

If you want to make a change, make it a lifestyle change and do it for you and you alone, not just because a new year has arrived.

I suggest you ditch those awful resolutions and join me in seeking the best things for yourself.

2020, you are long overdue, let’s do this!

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