A Guide to Sunflower Fields in Hampshire

Sunflower fields in Hampshire, these pick your own farm experiences are popping up all over the county.

Sunflowers taller than me or you fill the fields, their happy yellow petals bobbing around in the wind. It’s a joy to pick a bunch or just wander the fields enjoying the view with friends or family.

Want to experience picking your own sunflowers? Here’s my guide to the farms and fields offering the experience in Hampshire…

Sunflower Fields in Hampshire

I’ve put the sunflower fields in Hampshire in alphabetical order by location, so you can find somewhere to visit near you.

If you’d like to be added to this list of sunflower fields in Hampshire, please email hellobrightlightsbigcity@gmail.com.

Bex at Sunflower fields in Hampshire

Sam’s Sunflowers at Stoke Fruit Farm, Hayling Island

I think these sun flowers are by far some of the most impressive in Hampshire. These fields to pick your own sunflowers are densely populated and tall. And, I do mean towering over you tall!

There’s lots of photo opportunities so you really don’t want to forget your camera for this one. They’ve even got a trimming and bunching station that’s free to use too. Such thought has gone into how to make this an excellent experience for the people visiting.

Stoke Fruit Farm is fab, the farm shop is amazing, and they even have a re-fillable milk station – the environmentalist in me just swooned. I love it there. Take some money with you because you could also pick up a fantastic shop with loads of delicious locally grown produce.

I think the prices they are charging for sunflowers is very reasonable too. I think it’s £5 to enter and includes six sunflowers.

Sunflower fields in Hampshire - Stoke Fruit Farm on Hayling Island

The Garlic Farm, Isle of Wight

I knew there were sunflower fields at The Garlic Farm but there’s not a lot of information online about them at the moment. You can find the most recent information on The Garlic Farm’s Instagram page.

I don’t think you can pick the sunflowers but you can go and walk through the fields and enjoy them. Please do correct me if I’m wrong, I can’t see anything to the contrary.

The Garlic Farm is wonderful anyway, so it’s worth a trip anyway – the sunflowers are an added bonus.

Sunflower Fields at The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight

Durleighmarsh Farm Shop, Petersfield

While I’m not sure it offers fields in the same way the other sunflower fields in Hampshire does, you can pick sunflowers at Durleighmarsh.

In fact, you can pick loads of different fruit, vegetables and flowers, it’s quite impressive. There’s even a little growing map online to show you when and what you can pick during the year.

Rhubarb, spinach, sweetcorn and asparagus are just a couple of the treats you can go and harvest yourself. I’m booking a visit in as I write this!

Also, it’s another farm with a smashing shop. It’s a beautiful wooden kiosk-hut sort of affair filled to the brim with cracking local goods and home made chutney from the farm.

Sunflower fields in Hampshire -Durleighmarsh Farm Shop

Hollam Nurseries Sunflower Fields, Titchfield

Hollam Nurseries first started offering a sunflower experience in 2020 and it already does all the regular pick your own seasonal produce like strawberries and pumpkins.

It’s a gorgeous place, and quite big, so it’s easy to keep a distance from other people and enjoy the experience.

The farm is just off the main road on the way to Stubbington and Lee-on-Solent, a short distance from the M27, so very well situated. Plus it has a little farm shop, so make sure you take some cash to pick up some nice vegetables for dinner.

I usually go here for pumpkins in the autumn. It was my first time to any of the sunflower fields in Hampshire and such a fun experience. It’s also well situated for excellent golden hour photos. I must go back!


It’s £10 per car which includes 10 sunflowers – don’t forget to take your secateurs!

Sunflower fields in Hampshire - Hollam Nurseries in Titchfield
That’s me at Hollam Nurseries!

Steve Harris Ltd Meon-Bye Farm, Titchfield

Well isn’t Titchfield blessed with sunflower fields and farms! This small third-generation family run farm is so sweet, and part of the village for over 86 years!

It also first started offering a sunflower experience in 2020, and has been extremely popular since it opened its doors. It’s got some sweet spots for taking photos – they’ve really thought about the people visiting and what they might like.

This might be a good one to go to as the fields get busier across the summer too.

Don’t forget to take…

  • Secateurs – lots of places don’t supply these, it’s worth taking your own
  • A hat or umbrella – for shade, most of the time there’s no shade in the fields
  • SPF – no one likes cancer, make sure you’ve got some sun cream with you
  • Water – lots of the fields are on farms and while some have shops and cafes, many do not – stay hydrated
  • Sturdy shoes – the ground is often uneven and rough from previous crops, flat but with nobbles and bobbles to avoid!
  • Your camera – this is not the time to have left your phone or camera at home if you want a cute sunflower picture
  • Face masks and hand sanitiser – you know why!

Hampshire’s Sunflower fields

I am totally thrilled that we’re getting more experiences like this in Hampshire. I love spending time doing things like this, like a mini travel trip on your doorstep – it’s a great stress buster.

This is just the first batch of sunflower fields in Hampshire I’ve found, I will of course keep my eye out and update this should I discover any more or new ones.

I’ve hear a rumour, Hartley Park Farm in Alton, also known as The Lavender Fields in Selbourne, is offering a sunflower picking experience too. But, I’ve yet to have this confirmed. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

I’m very open to recommendations, so if you know one is open that I’ve missed pop me an email or comment in the box below.

Don’t forget to share those sunflower pictures and experiences with me either in the comments below or on Instagram.

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  1. Rebecca, just to let you know Hollam Nurseries aren’t doing the pick your own sunflowers this year, due to the weather! They only have enough to purchase over the counter, such a shame!
    Best wishes, Julia x

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