A guide to Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

Are you wondering where you can go pumpkin picking in Hampshire this Autumn?

Here’s a handy guide to the wonderful farms and fields across the county, where you can pick your own and live your best Autumn life!

A guide to Pumpkin Patches in Hampshire

Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

Is there a better Autumn activity other than picking your own pumpkins to decorate your home with or cook with?

Pumpkin picking in Hampshire is particularly amazing with plenty of places to get your witchy autumnal fix.

I’ve put the pumpkin patches in Hampshire in alphabetical order by location, so you can find somewhere to visit near you.

If you’re a Pumpkin experience and would like to be added to this list of pumpkin patches in Hampshire, please email hellobrightlightsbigcity@gmail.com

Hollam Nurseries, Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

Durleighmarsh Farm Shop, Petersfield

Durleighmarsh has a range of items that you can go and pick year round. And, there’s a sweet little range of pumpkins ready to pick up!

Check the little growing map online to show you when and what you can pick during the year. 

The farm shop, a wooden hut full to the brim of local produce, if you go you’ll probably want to pick up a few nice bits.

Durleighmarsh Farm - A guide to Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

Fordingbridge Pumpkin Pastures, New Forest

Thirty different types of pumpkins, free entry, free parking, pumpkins from a pound and autumnal games. Hello pumpkin goodness!

Fordingbridge Pumpkin Pastures sounds a lot of fun, and all the information including opening times is available on its website.

I’ve not been to this farm but it looks so geared up for pumpkin picking that I’m going to try and make it over. Let me know if you’ve been to this one, I’d love to know what you think.

I also just want to bring your attention to the fact they have pumpkin recipes and do open air film nights that you book tickets too!

Fordingbridge Pumpkin Pastures, New Forest
Fordingbridge Pumpkin Pastures, New Forest

Goodalls Strawberry Farm, Lymington

The family run business established in 1912 is in a lovely location in the New Forest. Not only can you pick your own but you can also stop by the cafe for a drink.

The website is down but they are on Facebook and Instagram – check out the pumpkin picking event which gives you times and dates.

Goodalls Strawberry Farm, Lymington in the New Forest, Hampshire

Hollam Nurseries Pumpkin Fields, Titchfield

Hollam Nursery is a big farm in Titchfield on the way to Lee on Solent. There’s a lot of space which makes it easy to keep a distance from other people. And, there’s plenty of fields to explore and find excellent big orange pumpkins.

Check Hollam Nurseries Facebook for updates Pick Your Own Pumpkin.

Hollam Nurseries Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

It has a little farm shop in the barn, some tables set up with fruit, vegetables and flowers.

I’ve regularly been here to pick pumpkins for the past few years and earlier in the year I went to pick some sunflowers here. It’s all open field and on clear fine days you can take some excellent pictures with hundreds of pumpkins surrounding you!


Hollam Nurseries - A guide to Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire
…a whole field of pumpkins!

Pickwell Farm Shop, Bursledon

Gosh, I’ve been going to Pickwell’s Farm to Pick Your Own and to the farm shop since I was little. I really do have fond memories of this place and I probably have a little bias towards it because of this association!

It’s a couple of decent sized fields and the shop is brilliant, quite big and also stocks some bits for your home, craft stuff and seeds among other things. If you visit keep an eye out for the daily veg box they are now doing, it’s great value.

This is on one of the main B roads into and out of Southampton and is really close to Hamble and is probably the closest one to central Southampton. You will spot it because of the giant red strawberry that sits on the side of the road!

Pickwell Farm Shop, Bursledon - pumpkin picking in Hampshire

The Rogate Pumpkin Patch, Rogate Village

Right on the edge of the county The Rogate Pumpkin Patch is situate in a very pretty part of East Hampshire.

This year they are putting on an Autumn Farm Pumpkin Patch Experience with some Halloween touches. I love the sound of this and really want to go and visit.

On a side note, if you regularly go here, they’ve written the sweetest note to let everyone know why they can’t hold their big autumn Halloween event, which we all understand why of course. Shakes fist at 2020 pandemic!

I’ll have to add this to my Hampshire sunflower list because they also offered a pick your own experience over the summer.

The Rogate Pumpkin Patch, Rogate Village Hampshire

Steve Harris Ltd Meon-Bye Farm, Titchfield

There are so many great farms in Titchfield! Steve Harris Ltd is definitely one of my faves with an 86 year history of growing produce in the area.

A guide to Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

I can’t wait to see what they’ve done for Halloween because they made a real effort for their first sunflower picking experience in the summer.

I’ve not been to pick pumpkins here before but, after visiting it for the sunflowers I will definitely be going this year for pumpkins too.

It’s all outside and there’s loads of space, another one that’s great for a distance experience.

A guide to Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

Stoke Fruit Farm, Hayling Island

Stoke Fruit Farm grows 15,000 pumpkins and squashes. From mid-October you’ll find all different shapes, sizes and uses, pick the Cinderella variety for cooking and Atlantic Giant for a big one to carve up!

I also love the fact they grow and sell such a range of squashes and gourds. I do like the wobbly, knobbly, stripy and unusually shaped ones. The weirder the better!

Stoke Fruit Farm is just one of the best farm shop and pick your own experiences in the area. Don’t forget they even have a re-fillable milk station which I think is great, I wish there was one more locally. If you’re going for pumpkins you could also pick up lots of locally grown produce for the week too. 

Stoke Fruit Farm - a pumpkin picking experience in Hampshire

Sunnyfields Farm, Totton

Sunnyfields Farm is well known for its pumpkin patch and is beloved in Hampshire for a fun pick you own experience. I still can’t believe I’ve not been here yet – there’s a few on this list I really need to head to this year.

Sunnyfields Farm - a pumpkin picking experience in Hampshire

The great this about this farm is it also has a vegan restaurant called Offbeat, farm shop and plenty of different species of pumpkins.

Most years it holds a pumpkin festival too which is wildly popular but, it would be worth double checking this for 2020.

Sunnyfields Farm, Totton - a pumpkin picking experience in Hampshire

Don’t forget to take…

When pumpkin picking in Hampshire, you’re going to want to remember to take…

  • A waterproof – let’s face it, we’re in the UK and the weather changes at the drop of a hat and in the fields you are quite exposed!
  • A sheet – if you’re worried about slightly muddier pumpkins, take a sheet to protect your car
  • Sturdy shoes – farms and fields often have uneven ground
  • Your camera – this is not the time to have left your phone or camera at home if you want to get some Autumnal pictures for Instagram
  • Face masks and hand sanitiser – don’t make me say the C or P word!

Hampshire’s Pumpkin Patches

Wow, Hampshire is blessed with so many amazing places to go and pick pumpkins. I didn’t actually realise we have so many! I love Autumn and spending time doing things like this, it’s a great way to discover different locations on your doorstep.

Plus decorating them afterwards is part of the experience as well as decorating your home with them. It instantly transforms a space and gives it a seasonal warmth that just can’t be beaten!

I’m open to recommendations, so if you know of a pick your own experience that I’ve missed, pop me an email or comment in the box below.

Don’t forget to share those pumpkin pictures and experiences with me either in the comments below or on Instagram.

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