Goga with Mucky Bucket Farm

GOGA! Downward facing…goat?🧘🏼‍♀️🐐🧘🏼‍♀️Recently I experienced goat yoga, aka goga, for the first time. Here’s a post that will help you find out more about this fun new variety of yoga, as well as including plenty of cute pygmy goat pictures!

That’s me with a goat dressed as Santa of course!

On a very rainy December weekend I headed over to the Boulder Shack in Southampton which is best known for having indoor climbing walls. I however went to the studio to try a goat yoga session with Mucky Bucket Mobile Farm.

Oh hey there!

We queued up outside the class while we waited for the goats to be moved away from the door so we could get in without them getting loose. As we walked in all the goats, I think about 12 in total, had huddled by the mirrors and were dressed up in Christmas jumpers and Santa costumes. It was too cute!

This was the first goat that came to say hello to me!

Mucky Bucket Farm had thought of everything and supplied mats and a pen for belongings. Goats like to munch things so it is best to put bags, shoes and coats in the pen to keep it safe. Victoria, the goat owner, also gave a warning to tie hair back, especially blonde hair, as the goats often mistake it for straw!

At the start of the session I was surrounded by goats!
The goats wandering through the yoga session

Once we had placed our things safely in the pen and hopped on a mat we were briefed by our yoga teacher. She told us we were allowed to split our time however we wanted, if we wanted to sit and play with the goats or take a photo we could stop and re-join the yoga whenever we wanted to.

View from my yoga mat!

The yoga was a great all rounder session that was perfect for easing me back into things. My muscles were so tight and it’s made me more determined than ever to get back to regular classes again. I notice such huge physical and mental benefits from yoga and it’s taken me a long time to want to go back to class as I’ve been so stressed. I know that’s counter intuitive because going to yoga helps but, I’m just emerging from a tough patch where I couldn’t even face going to class. But, I’m focused, motivated and this class has inspired me to book up classes again!

The view from my yoga mat! 😂😂😂 Fluffy goat butt!

I think the beauty of this goga class is that it encourages you to have fun and do everything at your own pace. The flows and yoga routines were really inclusive too. I also learnt two new moves that I’ve not done before and despite tight muscles I managed a shoulder stand. There’s hope for me yet!

I managed to catch this one in the mirror!
Noddy, the goat, found a happy place and decided to stay there for the whole class! 😂

The goats wandered through peoples legs, laid on mats, brought a smile to everyone’s faces and made everyone giggle more than once. It broke any tension, focus issues and just made me forget about all the silly crap I worry about.

Someone kindly helping me get that Instagram shot – along with my friend Louise who took the picture!

They even left a good 15 minutes at the end just so we could play with the goats and capture those Instagram-worthy photos. The showed you safe ways to pick up the goats and how to make them feel supported and happy.

Here I am helping someone else to achieve their goga instagram goals!

Ok, time to probably address the thing you’re thinking about but don’t want to ask… 💩💩💩

My fears heading into the session were mostly about the goat poop situation. 💩 The goats had gone a lot before the session started and the team had antibacterial wipes, dustpan and brushes and other tools to quickly sort out any toilet issues. We were also all encouraged to wash our hands thoroughly at the end of the session. 💩 It was so odd, when we all started doing the yoga routine, it’s like the goats knew and we didn’t have an incident during this time at all. As soon as the session was obviously over the er, flood gates opened. 😂

I was trying to look up, but that meant arching my back and I was scared the goat would jump off! 😂

It was so much fun, and I couldn’t help but play with the goats – they loved a tickle behind the ear! I left with such a huge smile on my face and I’ve been so happy and relaxed all day because of it! 🐐🧘🏼‍♀️🐐

Photo-bombed by the festive Santa goat!

I can’t wait to book another session in – thanks to everyone from Muddy Bucket Mobile Farm and Boulder Shack for just the best morning. I can’t wait to do it again!

Also, a huge thanks to Lou, aka the Southsea Wanderer for helping me get all the photos for this post.

Do you have any questions about goat yoga? If so, pop me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them.

And, last but not least, watch this BBC News video to find out more about Muddy Bucket Farm goga…


FYI – If you’re wondering if this was gifted or an AD…it isn’t! I paid my own money to do this experience and am sharing it with you because it was a fun thing to do and I loved it – all opinions are my own as always!

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