Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood

Framptons cafe, bar and kitchen is an atmospheric place for a breakfast, lunch or dinner catch up full of character.

I recently ventured there for brunch and I was very excited to find this charming place on the high street.

the bar at Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood, Hampshire

Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen

What an all rounder! Breakfast – yes. Brunch- yes. Lunch, dinner, cocktails, catch up and date nights – yes, yes, YES!

Framptons has been recommended to me many times and I finally got down for a bit of brunch.

The staff were so lovely, welcoming and attentive. My visit was during the coronavirus pandemic and they made every effort to make sure we were socially distanced, hand sanitised and happy.


The interior is a wonderful miss-matched style. There’s photo gallery walls, neon lights, feature lights, gorgeous tiles. None of it matches yet at the same time it all goes together perfectly. It’s also in an older building with great features that give it the chic rustic look too.

A nook in Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood, Hampshire

Upstairs there’s also a beautiful big room with a bar too, and it’s obviously a really great place to hang out and catch up with friends.

Upstairs in Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood, Hampshire


Once we had a good strong coffee and some fresh orange juice we made our brunch choices.

I don’t know about you but I love a diverse brunch menu. Framptons offers its lunch menu at breakfast which is brilliant for savoury breakfast fans like me!

The Short Rib Crumpets at Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood, Hampshire

The Short Rib Crumpets are extremely popular, this is what was recommended to me by a friend, and when we arrived there was only one portion left. Naturally, I got my order in quickly!

Slow braised beef short rib, poached eggs, pickled shallots and hollandaise on two big crumpets. I really like the combination of the short rib, egg and hollandaise. The crumpets are big and filling, and they weren’t quite what I expected. I’d have probably preferred something a little lighter but, this is of course my opinion.

Mac and Cheese at Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood, Hampshire

Mr Bright Lights Big City (Mr BLBC) picked the Mac and Cheese which had a smoked ham in it and was delicious. I will definitely have this next time or the Fowey Mussels, there’s lot of things I still want to try on the menu.

It definitely set me up for a day of walking about, the portions are a really good size.

Our table was sat right by the kitchen and I loved peering in and seeing what the chef was up to.

The Kitchen at Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen in Ringwood, Hampshire


Framptons is a nice stop off in the town and I’m keen to try more on the menu and go for a few drinks one evening. It feels really atmospheric in there, which I think would translate really well in the evening.

Oh and they did the sweetest thing, for Mr BLBC’s birthday brunch and brought out the most gorgeous chocolate brownie. A crispy top and a gooey, gorgeous rich middle – if you like chocolate puddings, you need this in your life. It was very thoughtful and rounded off a lovely morning at Framptons.

Visit Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen’s website.

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