Foodies look out for The Pork Lovers Tour 2018

After travelling around Spain The Pork Lovers Tour* has arrived in the UK to raise awareness of the benefits of pork as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

My morning was spent onboard the big pink tour bus finding out about pork, which is right up my street as I’m a a bit of a foodie! 🐷 Oink oink! 🐷

The Pork Lovers Team are encouraging people to stop by to experience workshops, show-cookings, ham slicing demonstrations and more initiatives with the chef and nutritionist on board.

The initiative has been set up by INTERPORC and is supported by the European Union to promote the benefits of Spanish pork. It represents a whopping 86,000 farms across Spain!

And yes, the truck is incredible, not only is it bright pink, it has cute piggy ears and a useful kitchen and workshop area. There’s no chance you can miss it!

The Pro Lovers Tour Bus by the Bargate in Southampton

The tour is a gentle reminder of where our food comes from, the benefits of pork and the importance of the import and export trade of meat to the UK. I think this is great idea as there’s a bit of a disconnect between our food and where it comes from when you see it one the shelves in the supermarkets.

I like to know that the meat I buy has been treated well and is sustainably sourced. By visiting the bus I learnt that INTERPORC is the third largest producer of pork in the world and its success is due to it putting animal welfare and the environment at the forefront of production.

Becoming a pork lover! I am in love with this bus, it’s so cute!

The Pork Lovers Tour team, Chef David and Maria, were so informative and welcoming. I learnt that pork need not be fatty with loin cuts being much leaner and the meat is full of protein and vitamin B.

The interactive games on the bus showed you where the different cuts of meat came from and I got a few of these wrong. I feel like this is something I should know!

Inside the Pork Lovers truck
The truck has a seating area and interactive video screens with informative games and information about pork
There are some delicious samples of Serrano ham and chorizo to try. Spain is the home of chorizo!

As soon as I arrived Chef David immediately set to work in the mini kitchen in the bus. He cooked a lean pork loin with aubergine, peppers and a whizzed up chunky puree of cheese, olive oil and walnuts – it was delicious! The Mediterranean and Spanish diets are known for being healthy and pork is a part of that balanced diet.

Chef David cooks a delicious pork loin!

This is one of many pork recipes the tour is promoting, find others at The Pork Lovers Tour Recipes.

After touring 28 cities in Spain the bus is now in the UK, to remind us of the benefits of Spanish white pork meat, and will be heading to Liverpool, Bristol and Norwich throughout the summer.

Watch out for the big pink The Pork Lovers Tour bus bringing all the foodie benefits of pork to a city near you!


*Sponsored post but, as ALWAYS opinions are my own otherwise what’s the point?!

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