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The past few months have provided a wealth of new wonderful foodie discoveries on Instagram. Get ahead of the curve with these three food accounts that are on the rise.

The Meringue Girls

The Meringue Girls Instagram account

The Meringue Girls are the combination of Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman. Their obsession with stiff peaks and food styling makes their Instagram a visual treat.

Hoffler trained and graduated from the prestigious Leiths School of Food and Wine while  O’Gorman is from New Zealand and trained in culinary arts out there.

The two met when they were chefs at London Cinema Hackney Picturehouse and they went on to win tv cooking competition, Cooks to Market.

Since then they’ve released two successful cook books, run masterclasses and are now opening their first store in the UAE with plans on opening in the UK too.

I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for 2017. Their pictures bring a smile to my face, and I can’t wait for a UK store so I can actually try all the wonderful things they create.

The Meringue Girls most recent posts
Some of The Meringue Girls older posts

Symmetry Breakfast


With comments like “Serious breakfast inspiration” from Jamie Oliver and “It just shows how you can take the everyday and make it beautiful.” from Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, I was curious to see what this duo had to offer. Michael Zee makes beautiful breakfasts for his fashion designer partner Mark van Beek. Based in Hackney Michael creates morning dishes from around the world. In August 2016 he released his first book of recipes, but it was also a declaration of love. Michael asks Mark to marry him. It’s a poetic, romantic and beautiful story. A love story, one with symmetry and substance.

Read more about Symmetry Breakfast in this excellent article by The Guardian.



Tom’s Big Eats


Tom’s philosophy is “Train hard, earn your cheat days, and find the absolute best foods to fill them!”. His motivation is to find the most awesome worth-while food to eat in his cheat days. He’s also got an impressive amount of letters after his name, qualifications to support his role as a personal trainer and strength conditioning coach. The account’s only been going for just over a year, but Tom’s already got a big following on social media. Future plans include growing his You Tube channel, working with restaurants and supporting anyone who wants to exercise and eat like him.



These three accounts are guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s Instagram feed!

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