Five top food shows on Netflix in 2020

Five top food shows on Netflix in 2020

Deliveroo and Uber Eats do not deliver to my area, and I do not live in a remote place, I’m not bitter…much!

When I’m at home, which at the moment like most of you, is all the time, I’ll be getting my foodie kicks from a bit of home cooking and whatever series Netflix can offer me!

I’ve found some cracking series that will give you all the food thrills and spills with a little travel along the way too.

Here’s my top five food shows on Netflix…

1. The Chef Show

Jon Favreau, yes Monica from Friend’s ex-boyfriend, the guy who is in business with Tony Stark aka Ironman and the guy who is actually in the the film ‘Chef’.

I love the film so I knew I had to watch this show. I think they started filming this while they were recording Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.

Many of the cast made guest appearances in episodes and discuss movies and food simultanously.

The format of the show is Jon and the chef that taught him how to cook for the film, Roy Choi.

Roy is a Korean-American chef, one of the founders of the gourmet food truck movement, and notably started Korea-Mexican taco truck Kogi.

While Roy and Jon go through recipes, it’s not traditional and cute food truck animations punctuate the two in the kitchen or at a restaurant trying out some incredible looking meals.

2. Ugly Delicious

I’m only a couple of episodes in but this show is awesome. The first show is all about pizza, discussing the best, the origins and who does it best.

Chef Mike Chang and Peter Meehan, travels the world on the hunt for extremely satisfying food. It’s quite quirky and you can tell Mike is on a bit of a journey.

I really like how its filmed and there’s definitely a strong visual storytelling element and a focus on authenticity and what that means.

Episode two is all about global favourite…TACOS!

I love that the show isn’t snobby it hits up the high street take away equivalents of the food they are focusing on like Dominos and Taco Bell.

Loving this show!

3. Street Food

Japan, Thailand, Indonesia where do you want your street food from?

Each episode is in a different location and it’s a really captivating show combining travel, food and fuss free eating.

This show is a bit of culture and life wrapped up in the neat package of street food stories.

I’m only one episode in, so far!

4. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

More David Chang (see earlier show Ugly Delicious) combined with food, travel and celebrities.

Everyone from comedian Seth Rogan to Chrissy Teigen join David as he challenges culture and identity through meals in global locations.

If you like Ugly Delicious, this isn’t the same but it’s still got a lot of heart, emotion and that inspiring element, with added Hollywood star power!

5. The Great British Bake Off

All seven series of The Great British Bake Off are on Netflix. Baking mishaps, technical challenges and all the show stoppers you could want in your life!

In the UK this show is an institution and is watched religiously live on Channel 4 when it’s broadcast originally.

The show started off on the BBC and moved channels a couple of years ago. It also changed hosts at this time but it didn’t lose any of its comic appeal keeping its format identical.

As I write this the current celebrity Stand Up for Cancer version is on TV and many famous faces are battling it out for star baker each week.

It’s very light watching, comical and is a moment of escapism. What a fun and silly show!

Other shows on my watch list…

I made so many discoveries when looking at food shows on Netflix and have added so many to my list to watch. Here’s a few of them.

  • Taco Chronicles
  • Somebody Feed Phil
  • Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat.

Well, there’s certainly plenty there to keep you going. I’d start with Ugly Delicious. I’m really hooked on that show and love how it questions bigger issues and origin issues surrounding food. It offers a weird social commentary that’s totally captivating!

Good luck not getting hungry watching these shows – I’m struggling!✌🏻

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