Five things that have helped me through flu

What a fortnight! I’ve been knocked out with flu and felt totally and utterly miserable for a solid two weeks.

If you get struck down with the plague and are looking for anything to help you feel better here’s a handful of things that have helped to make a difference.

Lemon and Acacia Honey drink

I HATE HONEY. I call it bee poo, which I know is factually incorrect but I don’t care and I don’t care for honey – not one little bit! My boyfriend, aka man with patience of a saint, tried so many a few years ago to find a kind I could stand. Cute, I know. We discovered acacia honey which I can just about tolerate when it’s mixed in with lemon and my taste buds don’t work well.

I don’t find any cough treatments that work but, this drink seems to help enormously. I used the juice of two lemons and a very unhealthy glug of honey until the acidity is balanced back out by the sweetness.

Not only is it a hit of vitamin C but it seems to coat my throat for longer than those sickly cough syrups.

Olbas Oil

It’s a classic, and the only thing that seems to cut through a blocked nose. My mum used Olbas Oil when I was sick as a child and the smell is a comforting one.

Pop on a tissue or on a pillow case, one you don’t care about, and breathe a little easier. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Kleenex Balsalm Tissues

My nose shreds up faster than anything! I depend on these Kleenex to save my nose from oblivion every time I blow my nose. I always buy these even when I don’t have a cold because I get such awful sores on my nose which take weeks to heal. I know, I’ve got a delicate little nose – ha ha!

The tissues have some sort of balm/coating on them that helps save my skin and I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m on my fifth box during this bout of flu and will be tissue dependent for another week I’m sure. The skin on my nose is still in one piece after two weeks of blowing my nose constantly.


Being ill is seriously boring. After the three days of solid sleep induced fever I was bound to the sofa and let’s just say daytime television leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully I’ve never been more thankful for our Netflix account because I couldn’t focus on a book or my laptop – it sent my head spinning!

Here’s some series I’ve been enjoying if you’re looking for some to get you through a sick stint.

  • Suits – this is my all time favourite, we watched this first when it came out years ago on normal TV!
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Gossip Girl
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Power
  • Luke Cage
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • The Santa Clarita Diet

Box of treats

I have some good friends who have all been checking in on my regularly. The absolute beaut Emily May Spake sent me a care package full of Lush products which was just so amazing and a bath and a little pamper made me feel so much more human again.┬áMy achy limbs felt so much better for a soak in the tub. A lot of love headed to Emily for the sweetest gesture.- it really cheered me up! Go check out Emily’s blog for great, honest beauty reviews.

What gets you through a cold or the flu?

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