Fish and chips from Hayle’s in Polzeath

Make mine a cod and chips please!

Hayle Fish and Chips

Finding a good chippy (fish and chip shop, for those of you not familiar with British slang!) is always great if you’re in a sea side location.

Plus I swear it’s a British rite of passage on a staycation! I can sniff out a fish and chip shop like a blood hound. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

As a kid having fish and chips was the biggest treat and it still is. It’s comforting, it’s delicious and it’s a simple pleasure that can’t be beaten.

Polzeath’s chip shop is great, you’ll find it on the main street opposite the convenience shop at the start of Dunder’s Hill.

Once you’ve got your meal it’s literally a minute walk around the corner and you’re on the beach – perfect!

It’s called Hayle and although it’s not a looker, it sure does make a lovely crispy cod, so don’t judge a book by its cover and take a look at the food we’ve had from this local take away.

Dinner on the beach

Fish and chips are a hearty dinner and excellent when you’ve spent a long day on the beach. I also think there’s something so nice about being able to sit out in the sun, having some food, even if it’s not warm and you’re wrapped in layers enjoying some hot salty chips covered in vinegar.

It’s become a tradition for us to end our Cornish trips with a day on the beach swimming and body boarding followed by fish and chips watching the sunset over the beach.

This year was the second time we sat at the top of the car park and enjoyed seeing the sun go down, the colours over Polzeath were awesome and it was another great end to our travels.

If you’re headed to Polzeath and looking for a good take away fish and chips, it’s worth checking Hayle out!

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