Fireworks in Hampshire 2021

Your guide to all the Fireworks in Hampshire 2021 to help you plan your bonfire night celebrations this October and November.

From the sky being lit up to the smoky smells and toffee apple treats, there’s a beautiful warmth to this autumnal crowd pleasing event.

Here’s your round up to firework nights across Hampshire starting from late October.

Know Before You Go

As we’re still navigating our way out of the pandemic, it’s worth knowing noting a few changes to the majority of firework night events happening across Hampshire.

Most events this year are smaller and as a result you need to book and pay for tickets in advance. Very few are offering the chance to buy tickets on the gate and as a result this year you need to be organised. Make sure you’ve got a ticket if you have your heart set on seeing a firework night display.

Hampshire’s Firework Displays

Whizz, bang, pop! There are so many firework displays across Hampshire this Autumn. People are making up for lost time, aren’t they? I love a good firework display and gosh, I missed not going to one last year.

At some point I think I’ve been to most of these in some guise over the years. My absolutely favourite was Titchfield Carnival but unfortunately the 140 year old event came to a close in 2017. I went hunting through my photos just expecting there to be some photos and apparently I’ve just been off my phone enjoying the actual display. Absolutely the best way to be but, not very helpful when it comes to writing a blog post, this post is particularly light on images I’m afraid.

Here’s a round up all the big locations and events doing Fireworks in Hampshire 2021. They are in date order, please click on the links to find all the details. I hope it leads to a fun evening near you!

27 October

28 October

30 October

3 November

4 November

5 November

6 November

7 November

My Favourite

While I’ve been to a few of these and some are new events my favourite has to be the Winchester Roundtable Bonfire Night. I think it’s because it’s a bit more traditional and there’s a parade through the city centre as you walk to the fireworks location.

Essential Kit For Your Trip

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for a safe and fun evening out.

  • A head torch, for finding your way back home or to the car when it’s later on in the evening.
  • Sturdy shoes – often its in a muddy field.
  • The essential cosy knots, gloves, hat, scarf and maybe a waterproof.
  • It’s not essential but usually I try and pick up some sparklers to enjoy before the firework begins (don’t forget some long matches).

Autumn Fireworks

Have you found a Fireworks in Hampshire 2021 event to attend? I hope so!

Each area in Hampshire appears to have its own event but, this is certainly not all of them. But, this should be a fantastic place to start planning your Guy Fawkes night celebrations.

Let me know if I’ve missed a big event off, you can reach me in the comments below or by sending a message to

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