Be productive with an Effici planner

Are you on the look out for ways to be more productive and organised? I’m forever looking at ways to up my efficiency and this new planner has really helped.

There are a lot of demands on your time and I don’t know about you but I am forever chasing my tail.

And, isn’t that a horrible feeling? Not feeling on top of things. I like to have a diary and know what is happening even on a day to day basis, at work the Excel spreadsheets are my besties for keeping a handle on things.

The last few months have been a real whirlwind and when Effici sent me its new subscription productivity planner to try* I couldn’t wait to see if it might help me become more organised. It conveniently arrived just as I’d misplaced my old diary and I was starting a new project. Good timing!

I’d recently started doing a bullet journal, thanks to a little lesson from my blogging friend Kat, who took me through it in a little FaceTime lesson one evening – what a pal! I’ve loved this style ever since and find it works really well for me. However I’ve not had time to expand my bullet journal properly other than getting the basics down each month.

That’s why I’ve found the Effici productivity planner to be so good it’s like a cross between a bullet journal and a structured diary. And, you don’t have to spend time writing all the sections in like you do with a bullet journal. It was the natural step up from what I had been doing just before it landed on my doorstep.

The planner is a subscription service and every three months a new one arrives just before it runs out. This is perfect if you are busy!

The A4 planner is in a familiar diary style but with significant differences to the layout. It is structured to help you manage your time better as well as give you the chance to review your week and see what impacted it in a positive and negative way. It provides space to reflect on these impacts, set goals and visually see your timeline.

It took me a week to get used to the planner, I think that was partly establishing a routine. But once in the habit it was a neat way to have everything in one place and stay organised on those days where you don’t feel as motivated or ‘with-it’. It’s also great if you work in an industry with multiple projects and deadlines.

Writing in my goals and filling out the timelines and other planning tools really made me think about what I was up to and how I was feeling. The habit trackers are really useful for pinning up at home or at work to see if you’re sticking to your plan of achieving your goals and projects.

Stationery fans be warned, it’s addictive and I like colour coding mine, adding doodles and sticky tabs. I also really liked the tutorial videos on the website – well worth a view.

The planner has been really helpful and has made me feel like I’ve got a much better grasp on my daily tasks. It is great to be able to reflect on goals and feelings from previous weeks, especially those that will shape the goals and aims for future weeks.

I think it’s going to be really useful for planning the year ahead and I’m interested to see how my productivity changes over the next few months.

If you’re looking for a diary or planner for the year ahead, and love a list or a bullet journal, you might want to take a look at the subscription offers from Effici!

*PR gifted planner for review, however all opinions are my own otherwise what’s the point?!

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