Faulkner Fisheries – the best seafood in Jersey

If you want seafood straight from the sea or vegetables straight from the field to your plate, then you need to head to Faulkner Fisheries in Jersey.

Faulkners Fisheries

This family business has been a Jersey staple for over 35 years and it supplies the Channel Islands and France with seafood.

In Jersey it also has two other ventures, it also runs summer BBQs from a converted German bunker called Vivier which is in L’Étacq.

And, it stocks St Helier’s Fish Market which has fresh seafood locals can pick up and take home.

BBQ at the bunker

The BBQ is right on the coast overlooking St Ouen’s Bay, literally situated in between the sea and farms there is a tiny white building that has morphed into the landscape like it’s always been there.

Once you’ve headed up to the bunker you can take a pick from the prawns, crab and lobster, just some of the fresh catch of the day!

We decided to make this our dinner and ordered a lot of food, and I am so glad we did because it’s the freshest seafood I’ve ever eaten.

We ordered some oysters, prawns, scallops and lobster – a big seafood feast!

The oysters were so fresh but, I’m still not massively keen on the texture, these were definitely the tastiest ones I’ve had.

People have always told me fresh Jersey Royals have a different taste that’s really yummy, but these were next level. I’ve honestly never had potatoes taste like that…EVER!

And, do not even get me started on that garlic butter – delicious!

Afterwards they had local ice cream and it was so hot this summer that we used it as the perfect way to cool down. Jersey Black Butter kind of tastes of apple, it’s weird but I liked it a lot!

Seafood by the beach

It’s very relaxed, well priced and the food is absolutely incredible. Park up on a bench with plates full of griddled seafood and enjoy the waves lapping on the beach.

The view is really spectacular and it feels like you’re right out in the middle of nowhere, there’s no traffic noises, it’s not particularly touristy and in the sunshine it was glorious!

I took the entire afternoon with Henry to just relax by the side of the beach and take some time out, it was lovely!

Travel experiences don’t have to be extreme, sometimes a relaxing afternoon in a fabulous location eating excellent food is what it’s all about.

This is one of my most precious memories from my trip to Jersey because it was just Henry and I spending time together, having a chat and enjoying be responsibility free for an afternoon.

If you’re in or headed to Jersey, this has to be on your list of things to do. This will be the first place I head to the next time I visit!

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