Doughnuts from Bread Ahead in Borough Market

Borough Market is one of my favourite places in London. I’ve always gone to the same places when I visits, because they are my favourite, but lately I’ve tried to try one new place every time I go.

My latest discovery in the market is Bread Ahead, it’s the perfect place to go for a sweet treat and mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

Sugary shots of beautiful baked goods are just one click away…

London Location

Bread Ahead is one of the few places at Borough Market that has a premises as well as a stall outside. Doughnuts are probably what you would call its signature bake but they have an amazing array of other scrummy looking baked goods!

Controversial thoughts on doughnuts

Before we start I have to say something that’s going to be very controversial in the realm of baked goods. Don’t judge me. This will be hard because what I am about to say will, most likely, cause you to react. But try, really hard not to judge the next sentence…

I do not like doughnuts.

It’s just never been my thing, I don’t like how sticky they are, I’m not really a fan of the heavy consistency and the amount of sugar sends me mad, like feeding a child lots of sugar. As a result, I’ve never enjoyed them.

But, you know what they say…’never say never!’. I’ve had lots of recommendations from friends to try a doughnut from Bread Ahead, so I thought I’d trust the opinion of the ones I love the most and give it a go. Two round sugary treats were boxed up neatly and ready to head home with me.

Dishing up the doughnuts!

A Doughnut Convert

Well, aren’t I glad I bought the doughnuts! The dough was light and airy, I could pick the filling from the range on offer, which included praline and caramel sea-salt honeycomb and lots of other jazzy fillings. I went for a Velvet Chocolate one. Not Nutella, actual chocolate, and it was so yummy and incredibly fresh. It wasn’t too sugary on the outside but my sweet tooth was definitely satisfied after I’d ploughed my way through a whole one!

I must say, having gone my whole life not eating doughnuts, I was really surprised I liked it. The chocolate filling was just right, and not too rich, which balanced it perfectly. While I couldn’t eat one everyday, as I did start to vibrate and talk at 200mph as the sugar kicked in, it was a lovely treat and I suddenly realised the appeal of doughnuts. Doughnuts are like churros’ plump cousin, delish!

Bread Ahead has totally changed my opinion on doughnuts, from a life-long hatred into a new found respect. I have tried to eat doughnuts from other places since, and well I still dislike those, so I think the difference is the quality. Now to hunt other quality doughnut establishments out! 😂🍩🍩🍩

Henry, my numerically minded other half, is a doughnut fan and he was very pleased we’d given it a try and we have, of course been back since. I really hope they do an apple and cinnamon doughnut at some stage as I would gobble up one of those before you could put it in a box for me to take it away!

Cakes at Bread Ahead

Since I’ve returned a couple of times and I’ve also tried some of the other cakes. My next discovery and my favourite thing from Bread Ahead is their gorgeous banana bread, served in massive chunks, it goes nicely with a cup of tea. It’s simple and totally an every day indulgence. I think it goes down so well as when I was in Australia, you can get banana bread everywhere, it’s like a staple every day food. I miss having it so often or for breakfast, and Bread Ahead’s banana bread is delicious and reminds me of that happy time I spent travelling. Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture because I’ve always gobbled the cake up before I think to take a picture of it!

I’ve not even tried the savoury baked goods yet, so next time we’ll have to pick up a loaf to try! If you’ve tried the bread let me know what it’s like.

If you’re headed to London make a trip to Borough Market, visit Bread Ahead, and pick up some baked goods for a wonderful sugar hit!


8 thoughts on “Doughnuts from Bread Ahead in Borough Market

  1. I love doughnuts so much! There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ doughnut. I used to live near that market, before retiring to Norfolk. But my favourite doughnuts were in Amato’s in Soho. A custard doughnut so big, it was a meal replacement. You needed a knife and fork to eat it!
    Fond memories… 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Pete! Amazing – I’m totally going to see if I can hunt down Amato’s on my next trip to London. As you’ve read I’m a recent doughnut convert and feel like I’ve got a lot of lost ground to make up for.
      Norfolk is beautiful, what a wonderful place to retire to, I really want to go on a boat on the broads. I’ve heard it’s a lovely way to spend the day.

      What do you like to blog about?

      Best wishes,


      1. Amato’s has sadly closed. But Patissrie Valerie used to do a similar ‘huge’ custard doughnut, and had a branch in Old Compton Street back then. And if you are new to doughnuts, try to find a ‘bear claw’. Delicious!

        I haven’t been on a boat on the Broads, but have explored the area by car. It is crammed in the tourist season, so best visited after the school holidays.

        My blog is about a lot of things. My experiences in the London Ambulance Service, adjusting to life in Norfolk with my loyal dog, and reflections and memories of my younger days.
        I also write fiction, film reviews, and musical memories.
        Lots of random stuff!

        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. Oh cool – what a brilliant reason to blog. I have a friend who does comms currently for London Ambulance Service and loves it there.

        Thanks for the top tip about the broads – I’ll steer clear until the holidays are over.

        Ooo I’ve never heard of a ‘bear claw’ – I have a very absurd image I’ve created in my head about how this looks! I’ll have to go Google it now. And, I will definitely seek one out to try.

        I’ll keep an eye on your blog Pete!

      3. Ah I’ve heard of Yum Yums but never had one. I don’t live under a food ‘rock’ by the way, I’ve just always been more of a savoury person and I’m highly reactive to sugar so I’ve always been a bit careful when it comes to stuff like this. Plus, I’ve always had cheese as a viable alternative ha ha!

        I’ll definitely check this out.

        If you like this sort of thing, you should look for a cinnamon ‘cruffin’ – it’s a ridiculously named bakery hybrid, a croissant shaped muffin covered in cinnamon. Like a crispier cinnamon bun. It is excellent – lots of local bakeries have started to sell them. They are magical with a cup of tea!

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