Doughnuts and coffee at Hideout Coffee Company in Portsmouth

THIS. This is how you do doughnuts and coffee. Unique sweet treats, super strength caffeine and a beautiful aesthetic. Hideout Coffee Company has it all.

The doughnuts are out of this world. Go now and go early, they sell out so quickly so, do not go unprepared!

I visited after it had been open for six days, and it’s been selling out every single day. For a very good reason too, those doughnuts are AMAZING.

And yes, they are ‘The Finest Coffee Perverts’ in Portsmouth!


In an unlikely location just up from Guildhall Walk, in the heart of the Portsmouth is Hideout Coffee Company, the newest kid on the block that’s an absolute treat.

Parking’s just around the corner, or you could go to the multi-storey in Guildhall Square, so it’s not a far walk to get a coffee and sugar fix.


A slick aesthetic and friendly team creates the warmest of welcomes and you’re going to want photograph every corner for your Instagram. (I did just that, we arrived early and I had no idea it would be so pretty, so I got a little over excited and went a little over the top in the photography department. The team were very patient, scrap that, they totally over-indulged me, even suggesting cool places to get photos. I went in very early so I didn’t disturb customers, don’t worry I’m not that annoying, the trip was planned!)

Upstairs the decor is arty, wooden and full of succulents, a millennial wet-dream and downstairs everything is pink, with contrasting black and white tiled floors, hanging plants and cute coffee tables.

Yeah, so I didn’t lie when I said it was REALLY pink. Really, really pink, literally like you’ve stepped into an Instagram picture on your phone.

It’s design led and I haven’t got a problem with that, it did worry me that the goodies wouldn’t match the insanely beautiful interior. But, thankfully those are some KICK-ASS doughnuts. Maple glazed bacon doughnuts, need I say anymore – pretty sexy darn foodie porn right there.

The counter is well thought out with a viewing area behind glass for the doughnuts, and a long communal table running down the centre for social chats with friends.

It has a succulent centre piece running the length of the table which gives enough privacy to people either side to have conversation and not be too overlooked – the table’s a lot wider than in looks in this photo.

Down the other side is a long bar style table with space for a laptop and plenty of plug sockets, if I was a student I’d have camped out all day here, dosing up on my coffee and working on projects. I might even go there to do some blog writing – it’s that kind of place.

There’s also a gorgeous bay window to sit in too.


From cold brews to iced coffee and plenty of alternative milks for those who need it, there’s a small but perfectly formed coffee menu that’s a good balance for the coffee purists and the syrup lovers.


So many doughnuts. Savoury-ish, super-sweet, themed but all equally delicious. Pick your poison, they’re ruddy tasty. They change up the menu every day, and alternate between a selection from the ones below. I was keen to try the Fried Chicken doughnut, but they’d made it the day before I went so they hadn’t made it again. It just means I have to go back, and I am not upset, it’s an excellent excuse to make a another trip really, really soon.

It’s only my second ever foray into the land of doughnuts, I’ve never liked the sticky jammy nonsense served up by supermarkets – they’re claggy and overly sweet. But, never say never and after my recent doughnut success at Bread Ahead in Borough Market I knew I had to give Hideout a try.

There’s more people doing proper artisan doughnuts like the ones at Hideout which taste incredible, and that’s the kind of doughnut I like.

The Unicorn and Blobfish Doughnut

The doughnuts at Hideout are sweet but not sickly sweet – sugary, yes, but in a good way. The flavour combinations are really diverse and so they appeal to a much wider palate.

The Homer Doughnut

We picked the coconut and lime curd, the PBJ (peanut butter jelly, with raspberry jam and peanut butter icing) and the maple blazed bacon varieties, one of each to share with my better half and doughnut lover Henry.

The coffee was strong, my kind of strong, the kind that you need in the morning first thing just to function. I had a flat white and a mocha, and I was set for the day – no messing around.

I’ve already made a date to head back to get my coffee fix before work. It’s quite close to my office, and I think this will be quite difficult to resist!

I’ll also have to buy some of the coffee for home, it’s aptly named Morning Glory!

Dog Friendly

Doggo owners – looks like you and your four legged friend is very welcome too. By the entrance are three different sized bowls and treats up on the side. Treats for you and your pupper!

Coffee to go

As you can tell, it’s a rave review from me for Hideout – one big YAS! I’m already a big fan and I’m determined to turn myself into a regular, even if it means scheduling a few more sessions in the gym so I can work my way through the menu and scoff more doughnuts.

The team behind Hideout have NAILED IT. Plus hooray for another ace independent. Supporting local and independents is really important. I’m so fed up of seeing massive chains making our towns and cities increasingly bland and similar. Variety and creativity is key and Hideout has it by the bucketful. Go now and enjoy a ruddy fantastic hour to yourself full of coffee and doughnuts, you will not regret it.

Coffee to go!

P.S. I’ll be heading back soon to get one of those fried chicken doughnuts!

15 thoughts on “Doughnuts and coffee at Hideout Coffee Company in Portsmouth

  1. So this was the cafe you said you’ll be visiting on weekend. 😁 Cafe looks really cool place to hang out and really who needs to plan a trip when you can chill in such a pretty place?πŸ˜‰
    The doughnuts and coffee looks soooo tempting πŸ˜‹ Can you please send me some? Hehehe πŸ˜‚
    Lovely pictures and you look so cute!πŸ˜πŸ’–

    1. Yes that’s the one!

      We’re lucky to have a thriving independent scene in Portsmouth. The doughnuts are irresistible – and that’s coming from traditionally a non-doughnut fan!

      I can defo squidge you one in the post a I wonder how well doughnuts travel? I’m pretty sure the postie might eat it. I would!

      I’ve been reading some of your posts too – I love the diverse topics πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


      1. I know…even I’m not that fan of doughnuts but these doughnuts look so delicious πŸ˜‹
        Hahaha…O yes! I don’t think anyone can resist them. So you’re right they will vanish even before they reach me πŸ˜‚
        And thank you so much for reading my posts and giving your lovely feedback. I really appreciate it !πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

    1. The icing was strawberry πŸ“ flavoured apparently too! How amazing? Will definitely try one of those next time! I’m going to have to slowly work through the menu! πŸ‹ Ha ha!

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