Discover Trading Post Coffee Roasters in the Lanes of Brighton

There’s nothing like discovering an excellent new coffee shop on your travels!

Over the year’s I’ve spent a lot of time in Brighton so I knew that heading straight to the lanes would yield an instant result for a morning caffeine fix!

Thankfully on my amble down Duke Street it wasn’t long until I discovered Trading Post Coffee Roasters. And, oh boy, what a find it was!

Gorgeous exposed brick work, hanging bulbs, wall art and chandeliers make it a relaxed and inviting hangout on a crisp Spring morning. And, to top it off the open roasting of coffee beans sends the most wonderful wafts of strong coffee through the cafe.

The smell is intoxicating and I could have spent all day in there reading, writing blog posts and indulging in treats from the counter.

Downstairs alongside the counter full of cake, croissants and buns is a cute seating area, open kitchen and open-plan roastery. I love people watching, seeing all the orders going through while the chefs worked and people went about their business that morning it made me realise I need to book in a slow, lazy breakfast date in the diary.

There’s also amazing art murals on the wall and in frames all over the cafe, little pops of creativity breaking up the brickwork.

My favourite part was the chap sorting, processing and roasting beans. I couldn’t help but stand and watch as he diligently undertook the roasting, I’d love to know more about what you have to do, he seemed very focused though and I didn’t want to interrupt him!

Upstairs, there is more of the same relaxed feeling and mismatched decor. I felt envious of the woman sat having breakfast with the light streaming though the window, it just looked like such a perfect set up.

There were even absolutely massive sofas at the back for a truly comfortable experience, just like you were in your living room at home. A big bucket seat sofa made me think of Friends and I could imagine a group sitting round discussing their lives over coffee sat in this corner.

I would have loved to stay for breakfast but I was on a tight schedule and this was a whistle stop visit for coffee only. But, I may have got a little carried away and brought two bags of coffee ready for a weekend away visiting friends and family.

A bag of the Black Pearl and Mono Loco came home with me, although I could have easily bought all six blends available. I am so pleased I picked them up, they are delicious, my favourite of the two was easily Black Pearl, it was rich and was best suited to our cafetière. The Mono Loco was best in a Moka Pot which really brought out and intensified its flavour.

That’s one very happy little caffeinated face! 👇👇👇👇

I really want to head back down and check out their gorgeous looking breakfast menu – by now I’m sure you’ve realised just how much of a breakfast fan I am.

This was a fantastic start to a very long day and if you’re in Brighton and are a coffee lover you need to head to this wonderful little gem in the lanes. There’s also one in Lewes too.

Oh, I love a good coffee spot, Trading Post Coffee Roasters you exceeded all of my expectations! See you soon for another coffee fix.


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