Discover The Blue Pool in Dorset

How do you make the most of the last days of…🌞 S U M M E R 🌞

By satisfying that wanderlust and heading to somewhere you’ve wanted to go for over two years!

Take a look at this beauty spot that’s been on my travel list for a long time…

πŸ“The Blue Pool, Wareham, Dorset

The last days of Summer

With one week to go before the September Equinox, I realised the last days of summer were upon me. The weather forecast predicted a fantastic day for the Saturday but with storms and torrential rain were due to draw in after that. Autumn was about to make its entrance.

All I knew is that I had to do something with that last sunny day, I’d been wanting to visit The Blue Pool in Dorset for years and all I kept thinking was what am I waiting for? β €

I packed up my bag and headed down to #Dorset to discover The Blue Pool of Wareham and hike the surrounding trails.

The Blue Pool

Nestled in the heart of Wareham, this tranquil beauty spot is the epitome of peace. It’s so quiet, and it feels very remote even if it’s not that far to civilisation.

The pool is probably and the clear water change colour. We arrived mid-morning and the pool was darker and more green and as the sun rose up overhead they gradually became more blue. By mid-afternoon it was a vibrant blue it glittered and sparkled as the sun shone directly onto it.

As you can see in these pictures, the colours changes wildly, and while yes there’s a little bit of a filter on these all I’ve done is brighten them a little bit to counter the shade from the trees.

Around the pool is several small sandy beaches, no swimming is permitted but it’s nice to sit on them. One family took a little picnic and sat on the shoreline enjoying the view. Dogs are allowed but not off the lead – and oh my goodness we saw some cute pups out for a stroll!

Hiking the trails

Surrounding the pool is a series of trails taking you up over the clay banks around the water, allowing you to catch different view points and perspectives as well as the colour changes.

There are red routes which don’t have stairs and obstacles and are suitable for mobility scooters, buggies and anyone looking for a gentler walk. There were also several green routes which climbed up into the surrounding banks and overlooked the Purbeck Hills.

The trees dappled the sun which made hiking around on such a sunny bright day much cooler than being in the direct sunlight. Walking through these beautiful woods was so relaxing. After a week being back in the office from my holiday this was the remedy to stuck indoors all week.

All around the trails there were signs of late Summer and Autumn everywhere, gorse in bloom, acorns and pine cones littered the ground and leaves fell from the trees. The little purple flowers were striking and stood out from the luscious greenery that covered the woodland floor and heath.

Although even some of the ferns had started to brown giving some rich colours to the trails and signalling that Autumn is just around the corner.

We met some interesting characters along the way, the little buy below moved really fast. We waited to make sure he wiggled his way off the main trail to safety away from walking boots and busy pathways. This chap has a destiny to fulfil, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a magnificent moth one day very soon.

Satisfying the Wanderlust

This little trip really helped me shake off the post-holiday blue and stretch my legs after being cooped up behind a desk.

As I wrote in an earlier post, ‘When the wanderlust is real – ways to keep the travel bug under control‘, I really struggle with wanting to travel more but not being able to.

Trips like these are the perfect solution – I feel like I’m exploring something new and being a little bit active too.

Tearooms, cake and Wareham Bears

By the entrance to the pool there’s a cute little tea room, museum and gift shop. It’s home to a little exhibition called the Wareham Bears – tiny bears in lots of different situations, all with witty captions.

Half way through our walk we stopped by for a piece of watermelon cake and pineapple cake.

The cake really did taste like watermelon, it was the strangest thing I’ve ever tasted! Plus, it was decorated to look like the fruit too.

Along with cakes you could also get pastries, pasties and other light meals, there was even a doughnut wall!

 We had a wonderful day hiking around the pool, it really is the perfect place to escape to and say goodbye to summer properly.

Welcome Autumn 2019, I think I’m now ready for you!

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