Deveroast Coffee Roastery in Botley

Tucked away in Botley Mill is Deveroast Coffee Roastery in the most beautiful red brick building right on the river. Owned and run by one half of 90s power garage duo Artful Dodger, Pete Devereux serving up high quality, sustainable, ethically sourced coffee.

It’s a cafe with speciality grade coffee roasted in Hampshire to drink in, takeaway or pick up some beans to take home. And, it’s a brilliant edition to Hampshire’s coffee scene.

If you’re ‘Moving too fast’ you better ‘Re-rewind’ down to this fantastic coffee spot…

…forgive me. I couldn’t help myself. Yes, there’s a special place in hell for me. Anyway, onto the good stuff…


ūüď欆Botley Mills, Botley, Southampton SO30 2GB

Botley Mill is now a bit of a rabbit warren of great little hidden businesses right by the river. You’ll find Deveroast round the back, to the right side of the mill near to the tap room and butcher.

The Roastery & Coffee Shop

While the roastery has been established for longer, the cafe part first opened in September 2022.

It really is a charming location, building and set up. The building is an old engine room with exposed red brick walls, a high arched barn-like ceiling and wooden furniture that makes it feel familiar, comfortable and warm.

You can pick up a range of different coffees made using the king of Italian coffee machines, a La Marzocco, with a variety of milks alongside some stellar looking cakes.

There’s also beans you can pick up to use at home and the team will grind in any way you want, you’ve just got to ask.

Top tip: careful on the parking at Botley Mill, first hour is free but after that you need to pay. Don’t get caught out!

The Artful Roaster

The man behind Deveroast is as mentioned Pete Devereux, The Artful Roaster, is one half of Artful Dodger, now known as Original Dodger.

But, don’t let this connection fool you, Pete’s interest in coffee has been long standing and honed during lockdown. The coffee served and roasted is speciality grade coffee, the highest grade of coffee available (as awarded by the Speciality Coffee Association) and has a score above 80 on a 100-point scale.

The standard beans served have lovely fruity and nutty qualities and is really tasty brew.

When we were there he gave us some expert advice on using our Aeropress and some useful links to help do some research and get some support when we got home. Above and beyond service like this stands out.

He is also uses local when possible. Both dairy and non-daily milks are from local companies and the cakes are made in Hampshire too. It all adds up to make this a real special gem of an offering.


As you head in to the more suburban and rural parts of Hampshire getting a decent coffee gets a lot harder. Deveroast is in a fantastic location to bridge that gap, and is a convenient stop without having to head into more central locations.

It’s also a beautiful environment where you feel like you’ve escaped the hustle a little bit. Who doesn’t love a charming little spot, a warm welcome and really good coffee?

Visit the Deveroast website.

Visit Deveroast’s Instagram Page.

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  1. We where to come in for a cup of coffee and to purchase some to take home, on the 5/10/23 pm, parking up and noticed the parking charges display we decided that we are to that desperate for a cup and ground coffee. We are good customer of woodmill caffe, and enjoy your product, ( parking charges?)

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