Da Bara Bakery, Truro

Da Bara Bakery in Truro, is a spectacular little find. It’s perfectly located between lots of the major Cornwall attractions and it serves up the best cinnamon bins in the whole of the county!

It also supplies a lot of great cafes across Cornwall, if you like pastries, pasties and bread it’s a must visit! Click and take a look why…

A cinnamon bun from Da Bara Bakery in Truro
Cinnamon Bun


Chenoweths Business Park, Ruan High Lanes, Truro TR2 5JT

You really wouldn’t expect to find a bakery in a business park but it works and I love it!

And, since it’s been there other places selling food and drink and more have moved in too. There’s a thriving little community here and I am very fond of it. I make sure we’ve been for the last three trips, without fail.

We discovered it by accident on our trip three years ago as we were rushing between destinations and in desperate need of some food. We then realised it was on our route almost every day and it definitely became a very convenient stopping place keeping us well fuelled.

Da Bara Bakery in Truro

Da Bara Bakery

The bakery itself is a cosy little set up, a counter full of baked good with some seating in front.

Da Bara Bakery in Truro

It’s mis-matched furniture and the delicious smell coming from the counter and kitchen is a very inviting prospect. Trust me when you’ve been walking those Cornish hills all day, the hearty smell of a pasty is the best smell ever!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the epic The Great British Bake Off art work on the wall…

Art in the Da Bara Bakery in Truro


There’s all sorts of things on the menu, from the humble classics like a loaf and an Eccles cake to very jazzy offerings.

An Eccles cake at Da Bara Bakery in Truro
Eccles Cake

What do I mean when I say a jazzy offering? Well, the cinnamon bun is a cross between a croissant and a muffin and is the best one we’ve found in Cornwall. Trust me, my boyfriend has been the guinea pig for extensive testing. They also do a similar bun called the ‘Boss Bun’, a similar croissant/muffin with a different flavour profile.

Ok, so the cinnamon bun is not alone because there’s also a ‘Crack Pie’, I’m pretty sure no drugs were used in the making of the cake just an insane amount of sugar! It’s a very fancy oaty kind of bake.

And, a personal favourite, and a reference to comedy TV power-show Friends, is the ‘Tollhouse Cookie’. You know, it was the one where Phoebe had a batch of her Grandma’s cookies in the freezer and she and Monica spent ages trying to work out what the recipe was. It turned out to be a Nestle Tollhouse cookie, not her Grandma’s secret recipe. Yeah, I know, you’re with me. It looks like a very lovely chunky chocolate chip cookie.

It also serves up an entire range of incredible breads, sausage rolls, stuffed croissants and salted caramel pecan slices for those of you with a sweet tooth. The pasties are delicious too, because is a Cornwall trip really complete without one? I think not!

The menu has changed every time I’ve been there but, thank god the cinnamon bun has always remained (If you see this Da Bara Bakery, never take this off the menu, no Cornish trip would be complete without it!).

This trip it has also expanded into hot breakfasts and I saw the most amazing full English being served on my last visit.

Discover Da Bara

As I said before Da Bara Bakery is a firm fixture on every Cornish trip and if you see one of those cinnamon buns – make sure you don’t leave without one.

You’ll find Da Bara baked goods in various cafes across the county, and if you happen to stumble across one, the same rule as above supplies.

A cinnamon bun from Da Bara Bakery in Truro at Tubestation

I know they definitely stock The Tubestation in Polzeath – if you happen to be the area.

Let me know if you’ve been, or are going and if you’ve got a favourite pastry in the comments below!

Visit the Da Bara Bakery website

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