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Who out there is a stationery freak? If you’re a fan of creating your own invites, business cards and other stationery then this post in partnership with Basic Invite will be right up your street! 

I’ve been a stationery freak for as long as I can remember. I’m the kid that had a label maker at school. I was the one that would cover her books before the start of each term and theme them in the houses of Harry Potter. Monogrammed notebooks and personalised book stickers were regular gifts from my Mum who knew they would always be well received.

This secret love of bespoke stationery has followed me into adult life. When I got my first proper business card my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t wait to hand it out. There’s nothing quite like getting an invite in the post, or being able to swap a business card at an event.

So when Basic Invite wanted to team up with me, I jumped at the chance. It has an amazing collection of party invitations, birthday invitations, holiday party invitations, wedding and business stationery that can be personalised online and delivered directly to you.

This partnership was perfectly timed as over the next few months I’m hosting several events and I wanted something custom to mark them. I was also looking at getting some business cards for my blog, some thank you cards and some other bits and pieces.

I made six things in total, a Birthday invite, a Christmas invite, a Christmas photo card, two thank you cards and a business card.

I’ll take you through the process and my final creations, get ready for all the pictures!

The Birthday invite

I’m spending my Birthday abroad this year and I am hosting a party after Christmas. As I’m not here I wanted an invite to mark the occasion and this invite was so perfect!

The editing process is super simple. Every element can be changed by using the panel to the right, it’s very easy all you need to do is click and type.

All changes are conveyed in the preview on the left. This invite was actually for a first birthday but, I could change the elements to make it into a more adult invite.  

There are lots of more party focused invites for formal and informal gatherings. Whether it’s glamour you’re looking for, a theme or a something a bit different like me Basic Invite have plenty of options. And, if something doesn’t exactly fit the bill you can change it, like I did above!

The Christmas invite

The festive season is round the corner and there’s lots of Christmas and seasonal designs to pick from.

This was my favourite because it’s simple, elegant and I love the snowflake that replaces the o.

As I am not having Christmas at home it’s really important that I could celebrate with my friends. Having an invite to send them is a nice touch and really stands out when everything seems to be a Facebook event! I can’t wait to send this out!

The Christmas photo card 

Photo cards are a pretty new thing to me. But, my Grandparents love seeing pictures of me and my boyfriend, our travels and adventures, so this is the perfect Christmas card for them.

My Grandad has a wall where he hangs stuff like this up, so I know he’ll pin it up and love looking at our silly faces while we are away.

It was really quick to make once I found the pictures I wanted to use of Henry and I. Drag and drop and hey presto a cute card in a jiffy!

Thank you cards

So as far as confessions go this blog post is outing my love of stationery and my ‘cards on tap’ system. ‘Cards on tap’ is to help me be more organised, it’s a selection of cards for a range of occasions that I keep at home.

Thank you cards are a huge component of this, along with lots of Birthday cards of course!

I keep these stocked up on a regular basis and these two will make a great addition to my box of cards.

I like these as you can personalise them with your name on the front and they have really current designs. I love the mermaid print (who isn’t an aspiring mermaid nowadays?!) and the map print I’ve already got earmarked for people who’ve already generously given us bits towards our travels.

The designs are really striking and it’s really great to find something you know no one else will have.

Business cards

Every time I go to events I never have my personal details to hand over quickly without scribbling it on the nearest available piece of paper. I want my blog to be taken seriously so I feel getting a business card is important.

Recently I’ve been to three events where I’ve been asked for a business card for my blog and haven’t been able to hand anything over. Imagine the opportunities I may have missed because of it!

What do you think of these? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I really enjoyed making the invites on the website, you can change every part and really make it your own. There’s lots of colour options, a new metallic foil finish and you can review the final product at every stage.

This totally took the stress out of organising these events and writing out multiple invites. Basic Invite is based in the United States but, it didn’t take much longer than most UK services to arrive. If you’re ordering in advance it really doesn’t make any difference.

I’m really impressed with the service Basic Invite offer. There’s a huge range of designs, the finish on the products is to a really high standard and the price matches similar UK services. I can’t wait to make more!

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