Cupcakes from Flour at Jersey’s Central Market

A good cupcake is hard to beat. Getting the ratio of topping to sponge is key. I’m a bit of a cupcake snob. For me to rave about a cupcake it’s got to be spectacular!

Take a look at the cupcakes I picked up from Flour. These treats made our journey home on the ferry back from Jersey much more bearable…

Discovering the best cupcakes in Jersey

In Jersey Henry and I spent a day wandering around St Helier and Central Market was a real highlight. Tucked around a corner we stumbled across Flour, we discovered this tiny bakery just after we’d just had coffee and were ready for a mid-morning sugary treat.

Central Market in St Helier, Jersey

Flour started as a pop-up and now has this beautiful shop within St Helier’s market. There’s a smart little kitchen and the cutest display full of cupcakes.

As I stated earlier, I’m a bit of a cupcake snob. I blame my cupcake snobbery on my Mother, the ex-chef, as she set such high standards with her own baking and by spoiling me by taking me to places like the Magnolia Bakery in New York at an early age.

When it’s done well, there is nothing better than a cupcake and these were so beautifully presented that I hoped they were going to be as good as they looked.

The cupcake menu and flavours

We were going to buy some for elevenses but I couldn’t decide which flavour to have so we ended up with two each!

I picked up the banoffee cupcake (bottom left), the hazelnut praline cupcake (bottom right) and Henry picked the mango and passionfruit cupcake (top left) and the blackberry and elderflower cupcake (top right).

I’m not sure if you can see it clearly enough but on the top two cupcakes the icing has this beautiful marbled effect rippling through it. It was so pretty! And, the blackberry and elderflower one had dried edible flower petals as decoration as well as a blackberry compote, inside the compote was injected into the middle so it was beautifully fruity throughout every mouthful.

On top of the mango and passionfruit was a tropical curd which was tart and wonderfully refreshing, this too was inside the cake. It was very zesty and complimented the softer fruity flavours.

My number one was the Banoffee flavour, I could have eaten about three of them without blinking. The cake was mini banana bread with a dulce de leche filling, tasty icing and banana chips on top – hands down this was favourite!

My second favourite was hard to figure out and I think it will be mood dependent – the mango and praline were tough competitors. It would really depend if you wanted something more rich and chocolatey or fruity.

The blackberry and elderflower was very elegant and summery but, I wanted the flavours to be a little bit stronger to match the flavours of the other cakes we’d had. Henry however really liked this one, so maybe it’s just my opinion and I liked the others more!

I could have bought so many other cupcakes too, I had my eye on the strawberry cheesecake and Homer ‘doh’-nut flavours.

Jersey’s best cupcakes

The bakes of the cakes were incredible, very light and the ratio of icing to cake was perfect. Most places have too little icing on top but Flour has nailed this! I also loved the addition of the filling injected into the cake, it was a level of finesse that made these cupcakes utterly outstanding.

I can’t remember the last time I had a cupcake this good. High praise from me!

I wish we had a Flour cupcake shop in Hampshire, I would set up camp and make my way through the whole menu of flavours.

If you’re living in Jersey or planning a visit, divert yourself through the market and grab some cupcakes from Flour!

Central Market is so lovely and reminds me of the covered market in Oxford!

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