Creative Campaigns #9 – The Prince’s Trust and L’Oréal Paris ‘We are all worth it’ campaign

The Prince’s Trust and L’Oréal Paris have teamed up to bring a new beauty PR campaign that’s committed to transforming self-doubt into self-worth.

The beauty brand has launched a new commitment to building self-worth in 10,000 young people. It is encouraging people to embrace who they are and to fulfil their potential by championing inclusivity and diversity.

It’s the latest figures released by The Prince’s Trust that the PR campaign has been built around. The charities latest research shows that one in three young people say they don’t believe in themselves, rising to 42% of young people who are not in education, employment or training.

L’Oréal Paris will open the first ‘All worth it space’ where it will hold confidence training programs available online and across the 18 Prince’s Trust centres. The courses will focus on a range of topics including interview training, employability, positive attitudes, behaviour, communication, relationships and body language.

Watch their new advert for the campaign here…

This is a clever move from L’Oréal. It is evolving the existing ‘Because I’m worth it’ slogan and campaign giving it longevity and establishing it even further in people’s minds. The brand is strategically aligning itself with an important movement that is a high priority with it’s target audience.

By teaming up with a charity, that focusses on building the confidence and motivation of disadvantaged young people, L’Oréal is making itself credible, giving itself a sense of legitimacy and showing care for an ethical cause. This is a form of corporate social responsibility, an action that furthers social good.

It’s also an incredible platform for The Prince’s Trust.  The adverts and other PR efforts will get noticed by different parts of the UK by audiences it wouldn’t normally reach. This will help The Prince’s Trust to raise awareness about the good work it does supporting young people.

Watch L’Oréal’s commitment to transforming self-doubt video here…

Technically, the ‘We are all worth it’ campaign can be viewed as the next Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign. L’Oréal says it believes “what makes us different is what makes us beautiful”, which is a strong message, but it’s also backing this statement with action. This is what Dove did many moons ago and it really set it apart from it’s competitors. This campaign has the capacity and potential to do the same.

Dove helped to change the market, by making real beauty more acceptable and putting real people (wobbly bits and all!) not models on television. This and the rise of more alternative colours (like blue and green lipstick!) and the expansion of shades released by brands like MAC cosmetics, Illamasqua and Kat Von D has seen a shift to and acceptance of a more colourful, inclusive and diverse beauty community.

It’s a market that L’Oréal can’t afford to ignore, but it’s their approach that also had to be right and I think they’ve nailed it. It’s clear, powerful and has a great message.

Promoting, supporting and fronting the campaign are 15 brand ambassadors who are influencers in their own right. Each ambassador has created a short film sharing their own stories about how they’ve been affected by self-doubt.

I couldn’t find all the ambassador’s listed anywhere so I’ve gone to the lengths of watching each YouTube video so I could let you know who is who and what they do!

  1. Marcus Butler – a vlogger
  2. Neelam Gill – a model
  3. Kaushal Molasaria – a beauty, make up and hair blogger and vlogger
  4. Amena Khan – a beauty and fashion blogger, founder of Pearl Daisy and Ardere Cosmetic cofounder
  5. Katie Piper – a writer and television presenter
  6. Chez Rust – a fashion and lifestyle blogger and model with a background in football
  7. Jada Sezer – a model, fashion brand creator, blogger with a strong focus on mental health matters.
  8. Louisa Johnson – a singer
  9. Emily Canham – a beauty and fashion blogger and blogger
  10. Victoria Magrath – a fashion, travel and beauty blogger and vlogger
  11. AJ Odudu– a tv presenter, DJ and fitness blogger
  12. Jordan Bone – a beauty, motivation, fashion, lifestyle blogger, influencer, author who was involved in a terrible car accident and is a quadriplegic
  13. Gary Thompson – a beauty blogger and make up artist who’s Nan helped him find acceptance
  14. Dame Helen Mirren – an actress
  15. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – a singer

Find out more about the ‘We are all worth it’ ambassadors here…

Each ambassador has their own video telling their story which can be found on L’Oréal’s YouTube Channel.

I liked listening to their stories and I am reassured that these talented people have confidence issues just like I do.

I really love this campaign. Anything that will help people improve self-worth, raise awareness of confidence issues and drive change is a good thing in my book. I am often plagued by self-doubt and find it horribly crippling emotionally and physically. If any part of this PR campaign can help prevent those kind of feelings in people then it will be money and time well spent.

Campaigns for change, empowerment and that make a difference are really up my street. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned over 2017, it will be interesting to see what they have planned and how it unfolds.

Already Twitter’s had some interesting commentary, check out the #ALLWORTHIT hashtag below…


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  1. This campaign caught my eye too and I posted it to my MA students as a case study of how to “bandwagon” with International Women’s Day- to great effect. But your additional research is really, really helpful.

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