Creative Campaigns #8 – the Fearless Girl who took no bull

A bronze statue of a girl defiantly standing in front of the famous Wall Street bull was installed on International Women’s Day by State Street Global Advisors.

The statue was installed to raise awareness of the inequality women face in financial institutions and the efforts State Street are taking to address them. It’s a familiar story that is being addressed, Wall Street has a lack of women on it’s corporate boards and a gender pay gap.


The power of this stunt lies in it’s simplicity. It takes a well known sculpture and changes it’s whole dynamic.

It’s a strong visual image, the message is clear and it’s highly evocative. The size of the bull against the size of the girl shows the size of the issue that women must overcome.

Although it may not directly change the amount of women on the corporate board or the pay gap, it will raise awareness through initiating conversations. It’s these conversations that are needed to help change opinion and actions.

Kristen Visbel is the artist behind the Fearless Girl, and she was featured in this short video about the statue in The Guardian.

The Guardian’s video about the Fearless Girl statue

I think this stunt is great. It’s simple but so well thought out and very accessible. The statue cuts out all the noise and makes a clear message for female empowerment. The image is so striking and every time I look at it I think it grows in my estimation.

What do you think about this stunt? How does it make you feel? Do you think it will help advance gender equality on Wall Street?

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