Creative Campaigns #7 – Brands that have piggy-backed on the Oscars 2017 best picture mix up

The Oscars mix up for best picture has been all over the news and under the lens as the media exploit the disappointment of La La Land and triumph of Moonlight.

The real winner in this woeful tale are the amazing campaigns brands have come up with at lightning speed.

So I pick up my feature ‘Creative Campaigns’ with some brilliant PR piggybacking and advertising thought up by some wonderful creatives. Let’s have a look at what they came up with…

I’ve got three brands that I salute for being quick off the mark with the following.


Specsavers Australia has come up with such a brilliant extension on their ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers campaign…


Specsavers in the UK, has also followed suit with this brilliant Oscars reaction…

Not getting the best picture? #shoudve #oscars


The men from Moonlight are now Calvin Klein underwear models. Although we know these pictures will have been done ahead of time, you have to give Calvin Klein credit for an amazing tweet.
Click here to look at the men from Moonlight modelling Calvin Klein underwear. Well it would be rude not to, right?!



Ryanair was quick to jump on the bandwagon too…


These are all I could find so far, but if you’ve seen any others please do share them in the comments section. Hopefully it will give you the courage and confidence to be quick off the mark with reactions and ideas to piggy-back on rare events like these!

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