CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #36 – Marks and Spencer’s Love Sausage

How do you wish your loved one a Happy Valentine’s Day? With a Love Sausage of course!

Turns out that a cheeky Valentine’s Day innuendo from the one of the nation’s favourite retailers is what cut through all the noise last week in the PR world.

Take a look at Marks and Spencer’s Love Sausage!

Whether you were outraged, shocked or mildly entertained the Marks and Spencer Love Sausage PR stunt has been a viral hit. Turns out the Brits love for a bit of tongue in cheek has paid off and scored them some excellent coverage – this is a small campaign punching way above its weight.

There’s not much to say other than M&S knew what they were doing, they owned it on their social channels and the comments have been insanely funny. And, the take home for this? Words are powerful and you really don’t need much money to cut through the noise, just a bit of front and some good old fashioned ‘carry on’ humour.

Simple and clever this is just a wonderful example of a creative campaign! Now I’ve just got to find one, apparently the PR campaign is doing its job and the Love Sausage is selling out at M&S stores across the UK!

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Here’s a couple to make you giggle…

Let me know if you get a Love Sausage and what you think of this campaign!

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