CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #33 – #HeinzKetchupCaviar

How do you make an everyday product feel luxury and market it for Valentine’s Day? Why turn it into caviar of course!

Oh American Heinz this is just great! It’s creative, it’s silly and it’s fun! I really hope there’s an equivalent launched in the UK.

This quick cute campaign targeting the 14 February is too good not to point out! It works on so many levels and actually producing a limited run of the product to use as a competition prize, as well as the social media campaign, is sure to help engage the audience. It’s quick, simple, succinct and it works.

Watch the video in the tweet below.

It’s punchy and gimmicky enough to get featured in the news, in foodie publications and sites and get a brand not usually associated with romance aligned with Valentine’s Day.

I can see this being picked up and talked about in the office, on chatty morning news shows and giving the brand a little uplift around this time of year. It’s playful and it’s light-hearted!

Although it’s not as serious and big as some of the other campaigns I’ve featured so far in this series, it’s a nice reminder of how smaller stunts can be just as useful at driving engagement. You only need to look at the thousands of comments and people talking about it in such a short space of time to see its value at raising brand awareness. Winner, winner, Heinz for dinner! 😝


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