CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #32 – Provoke Piers

“Do you want your next marketing campaign to trend globally? Do you want guaranteed media coverage? If the answer is yes, then it seems all you really have to do is annoy Piers Morgan.”

This is the opening paragraph from One Minute Briefs and Ready10 agency’s ‘pop-up’ website that’s a tongue in cheek pop at Piers Morgan.

The news anchor and controversial media juggernaut has already driven two of this year’s biggest PR stunts from Greggs and Gillette and the website makes a joke at the broadcaster’s expense. It ‘informs’ other agencies on how they can capitalise on this new trend of provocation PR with a ‘Piers Morgan headline generator’.

It’s a legitimate PR angle too, I’m sure many brands will try and find a way to ‘poke the bear’ with the hope of angering Piers Morgan into responding purely to generate more coverage, awareness and engagement.

What a brilliantly quick witted parody website that’s put these two companies on the map! I’d not heard of either of them before the Provoke Piers site – it’s done wonders for each brand’s awareness while giving us all a lot of spoof ads and headlines to laugh at.

It’s been such a success for the two agencies involved, some quick thinking has enabled them to capitalise on the Piers Morgan effect to drive their own PR – now that’s how to piggy back on something very topical!

Ready10 clearly have a sense of humour too…

A Ready10 spokesperson said: “Whether it’s deliberate on the part of agencies or not, there’s little doubt that provoking Piers Morgan seems to be a regular by-product of the modern marketing campaign. We’re sure there are people out there who are not entertained by Piers working himself up, although we haven’t met them yet.

“This is a bit of fun for anyone who wants to continue to fuel the faux-fire, annoy the agitator and royally piers him off. We hope our industry colleagues enjoy the tool and if any campaigns are launched as a result, the only payment we will require is the time and date you’re on Good Morning Britain so we can tune in.”

The Provoke Piers is currently down – I wonder if Piers saw it and got upset!

Unfortunately the website it currently down and I am gutted as I really wanted to have a proper look at it and generate some of my own headlines at Piers Morgan’s expense! But, The Drum successfully captured some imagery from the site and has written a brilliant article, just click on the headline below to give it a read.

PR provoking Piers Morgan: One Minute Briefs and Ready10 agency explore this 2019 trend

Ready10 and One Minute Briefs have used little or no budget to amplify their own brand through capitalising on Piers Morgan’s outspoken nature. It’s two great creative campaigns that have disrupted and been noticed above the rest of the noise. It also shows creative flare and ability to act reactively to news, topical commentary and trends. It’s that kind of agile opportunist thinking that you want from an agency or company you’re working with!

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