Creative Campaigns #24 – Benefit’s #outofthisworld BADgal BANG! mascara launch

The beauty and blogging world has gone nuts for the latest mascara from cosmetics company Benefit.

The PR surrounding the launch has been truly #outofthisworld!

Watch the teaser trailer here:

BADgal BANG! is a new mascara made with “aero particles, which are the lightest raw materials known to man and commonly used in space technology”. So it was a natural fit for benefit to choose a space theme to launch the new mascara.

I love how cute Benefit have been with this launch! The pink astronauts touring London is such a playful idea and probably an achievable idea while on a PR/launch budget.

The pink astronauts will also encourage people to enter a spacecraft-themed pop-up experience that launched at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent on 2 February, and will travel to Manchester and Cardiff over the same weekend.

Benefit has wrapped it’s website in a special scroll down space cover to mark the occasion which shows the integrates approach the launch has taken. There’s a launch button to a scroll page that takes you through the mascara’s features right through to landing the mascara in the desert!

The brand has an integrated campaign going on as it has also flown some bloggers, vloggers and influencers to the Maldives. This has caused quite a stir among the influencer community and on twitter. Some think it’s amazing, and others are not so supportive, as I am sure you can imagine – the jealousy is real people!

You can read some comments by searching ‘Benefit maldives’ on Twitter or you can check out what one of the vloggers is up to out there by having a look @jamie_genevieve’s Twitter or Instagram.

If anyone got to see this over the weekend and has pictures please put some links to your Instagram and Twitter in the comments section – I’d really like to see it!

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