Creative Campaigns #20 – #YouShall Debenhams Christmas advert

The silky Scottish tones of Ewan McGregor narrate a modern day social media fairytale for Debenhams Christmas advert. 

Watch the advert here:

It’s a modern Cinderella story for the Debenhams Christmas advert this year. It’s already received a warm reception on social media so far and captures a bit of that yuletide magic.

Debenhams has definitely raised its game and brought some Hollywood glamour an romance to this year’s advert.

I also think it’s bringing some integrity to Debenhams as a brand. Last year’s Debenhams advert was horribly commercial and very sales orientated. The cast of voices last year narrating was impressive but, thy weren’t utilised in the correct way. This year is a massive departure and a welcome change.

The Christmas advert is not about hammering home the sales messages. The approach is far softer, more subtle and more grounded in PR and storytelling.

What do you think of this year’s Debenhams Christmas advert?

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