Creative Campaigns #2: Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Safety Video

Well I certainly didn’t think my next post for creative PR campaigns would be today! However, Air New Zealand has come up with a genius collaboration with Peter Jackson and the Hobbit film franchise in order to promote the film, air safety and inadvertently New Zealand as a nation. An original and entertaining concept that is clearly going to generate a lot of publicity for the three parties (the nation, the airline brand and the film) as it spreads like wildfire through social media. It’s self-entitled ‘the most epic safety video ever made’ with appropriate hash-tags to boot – #airnzhobbit. What a way to engage your stakeholders!

If you haven’t seen it yet you can do so here:

I’m off to New Zealand, who’s with me?!

3 thoughts on “Creative Campaigns #2: Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Safety Video

  1. Well- that’s one heck of a way to re-brand the boring air safety film and make sure everyone watches it! Clever. I also liked the Air New Zealand jet that had Smaug painted on it. Brand collaboration at work. Thanks for drawing it to my attention

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