Creative Campaigns #19 – #ChristmasTogether Waitrose’s Christmas advert

Waitrose, the glorious sister to John Lewis, has released a gem of a Christmas advert. Sometimes it is good to be stuck in the snow!

Watch the advert here:

The story tells of the crowd at the pub getting snowed in, only to have some people come to their rescue by digging them out. But, the crowd that has settled in for the night with a glorious Waitrose feast. They seem quite put out when their rescuers succeed in freeing them!

I love this advert, it really combines those wonderful Christmas vibes of being together, twinkly Christmas music and storytelling.

This is definitely one of my favourites this year, it’s simple but meaningful and packs a lovely black and white punch. A great disruptor to bold colourful offerings from other brands.

Waitrose often manages to get the tone just right. This year is no exception! Is this 2017’s dark horse in the race for the top spot in the nation’s hearts this Christmas?

What do you think of the Waitrose advert?

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