Creative Campaigns #18 – #EverybitofChristmas Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

Get ready for a Christmas sing-a-long with Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Annoying or fun? Let me know your thoughts!

Watch the advert here:

I really like this public relations campaign, I like that is uses actual customers in the adverts and shows some actual Christmas truths. But, I fear that it just misses the mark, it verges on the annoying and I really wish it didn’t because the concept is brilliant.

With the ‘live well for less’ campaign Sainsbury’s managed to precede Marks and Spencer’s ‘spend it well’ a truly great concept. But, when it comes to execution, Marks has had the finesse to execute it better.

Everyone loves a sing song after a few of their favourite tipples at Christmas time! I just wish the song was a bit catchier from the start, it really picks up in the middle. I’m hoping the shorter edited versions pick up on that more tuneful mid-section, I’m sure they will!

Lovers of The Royale Family and The Muppets will be pleased to see their inclusion – two highlights in the advert.

There’s even a karaoke version at the end for you to be able to sing along with. But, is it engaging enough to make you do that? It’s not for me.

With #MoztheMonster, even though it’s not the best offering from John Lewis, I still went on to create my own monster, at the grand age of 30 may I add!

Nothing drew me to want to click on a karaoke version of this advert. Perhaps it’s just a difference in taste? I hope I’m wrong but, my gut feeling tells me this lacks a certain draw despite me liking the concept and the campaign as a whole.

This advert is part of a much longer advertising and PR campaign. I’ve written about it previously in my post called Creative Campaigns #11 – Sainsbury’s Living Well campaign.

What do you think of Sainsbury’s advert?

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