Creative Campaigns #17 – #MoztheMonster John Lewis’ Christmas advert

It’s certainly not the tear-jerker of years past but, this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert is a real heart-warmer!

Watch the advert here:

Are people ready for less ‘sadvertising’? This happy story of ridding the monster/imaginary friend under the bed is this year’s offering from the retail giant. It reminds me of the Gruffalo!

A young boy stays up late with Moz playing games until the early hours until it starts effecting his life as he’s too tired to get through the day.

Moz the monster realises he can’t keep the boy up every night and secretly gifts him a night light at Christmas.

The night light makes Moz go away but, the young boy realises he can bring him back simply with the flick of a switch.

It’s fun, and the twist on the classic monster under the bed story is fresh. But does it tell enough of a story to win the hearts of consumers? Time will only tell.

The clever thing that John Lewis does, and Marks and Spencer has now caught on to (check out the Paddington merchandise this year!), is to make the advert more integrated. These stores have the advert related merchandise, the website, the storybook and the music all ready to go when the advert is released.

John Lewis has maximised this years ad with all the usual merchandise and a ‘make a monster’ website. Lots of fun to be had making selfies (to share of course!), games and creating your own imaginary monster for under the bed.

Yes, of course, I made my monster his name is Roo!

What do you think of the 2017 John Lewis Christmas advert?

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