Creative Campaigns #15 – #TescoTamponTaxoff

Tesco has become the first retailer to cut the tampon tax for women by paying it for you. What a clever PR campaign!

Watch the new #TescoTamponTaxoff advert…

Women should not be paying tax on tampons. I think pretty much every woman across the board would agree on this.

Tesco has made a smart move to improve its reputation after the few knocks it’s received lately. The company makes enough profit to pay the tax and I am sure this will hardly touch its profit margins.

Not only does this support and empower female customers but, it aligns Tesco with its customers views.

Paying the tax makes it look like Tesco is taking a stand against a social injustice but, in reality this is a beautiful PR illusion to get you on side.

This is a genius way of using a topic advantageously. It’s going to get a lot of people talking about Tesco in a positive way.

There’s no doubting that this is a brilliant PR campaign. I wish I had thought of this! Kudos to the smart cookies that came up with this idea.

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