Creative Campaigns #13 – Skittles #OneRainbow

Skittles #OneRainbow campaign is completely transforming its packaging and product to support Pride. 

Famously Skittles’ slogan is Taste the Rainbow and it uses the spectrum of colour to advertise the fruity sweets.

Similarly the rainbow flag has been adopted as a symbol for the LGBT social movement.

The bright sparks at Skittles have put the two together to raise awareness for the LGBT community.

Packets of skittles are removing all colour so both the packaging and product is plain white.

The slogans have also been changed to support the Pride saying things like…

‘All the lentils are white in celebration of Pride. Enjoy the mystery mix.’

‘Give the Rainbow, taste the rainbow.’

‘Only one Rainbow matters this Pride.’

The branding is recognisable but, the fact it has no colour makes you ask why and look at the packaging more closely to find out.

This campaign works as Skittles makes a very strong supportive statement through the change of it’s brand and product.

The message is a very serious one for a sweet brand that’s known for it’s fun advertising and silly nature. It’s simple but it works because Skittles fully committed to doing something that would actually raise awareness.

Apparently these packets were created for Pride in 2016. But, I’ve only just seen a pack to be able to buy one this year, so perhaps they’re continuing it for 2017? That or I’m eating some really old Skittles right now!

Previously I’ve written about the challenge brands face about aligning themselves with good causes.

Just because you support a charity or say you stand for something means nothing unless you back it with appropriate action.

A great example of a brand backing a cause and supporting it through action is my post about L’Oreal…

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What do you think about this campaign? Have you picked up a packet yet?

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