Creative Campaigns #11 – Sainsbury’s Living Well campaign

In Sainsbury’s latest PR campaign they are using real people in their adverts to connect with their audience.

The first food dancing advert saw real people in kitchens across Britain dancing and cooking up a storm. Sainsbury’s message captured that moment when you’re “sizzling and jiggling” to music having fun as “living well”.

This is a the key message that Sainsbury want to get across, that you can live well for less. The adverts are things that anyone can do, and is not budget dependent, the message is very inclusive.

Sainsbury’s teamed up with UK Hip Hop artist MysDiggi to create an original track and video to convey what food dancing is. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.

I really liked this fun and lighthearted advert. It’s a simple concept, an observation on an everyday moment that is a silly but captures a certain spirit. The #fooddancing encouraged people to share their own videos of them dancing in the kitchen.

They also had a valentines day edition as part of the campaign and a Mother’s Day version. Here’s the Valentines Day one for you, the rest you can watch on Sainsbury’s YouTube channel.

The next step of the campaign is an Easter offering which is based around never growing up. Again, it’s very lighthearted and shows people across the UK messing around doing things to celebrate Easter. The premise is that everyone can enjoy these activities, and that staying young at heart is one of the keys to living well.

In addition to their message it also promotes a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

The adverts are punchy, cute and I like that they include real people. It’s a simple public relations awareness campaign that I think is effective and inclusive.

What do you think of them? Do you think they are too silly or are they right up your street?

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