Creative Campaigns #10 – “Got no strings” Beats by Dre

It’s throwback Thursday and this is my tenth creative campaign post, to celebrate I’ve got a great PR campaign for you from last year.

In October 2016, Beats by Dre released an advert for it’s bluetooth headphones

When Apple removed the headphone jack from it’s phones, Beats by Dre came up with this bluetooth solution to capture the new headphone market.

It was a controversial move by Apple, but Beats totally capitalised on the positives of the headphone evolution with a great advert. Check it out below!

The advert puts a spin on a good old-fashioned Disney sing-a-long, choosing Pinocchio’s “I’ve got no strings” to deliver it’s message.  Celebrity influencers like Michael Phelps, Pharrell Williams and Rebel Wilson, mime and dance along to the track to convey how wonderful a cordless life is.

Capturing a slice of Disney magic, this advert has well and truly stuck with me. It’s simple, it’s clear and there’s a bit of humour in there. I cannot get this advert out of my head. It’s so well formed, so well put together. Six months later I still like it!

There’s no big analysis here, it’s obvious the advert works, I just wanted to bring you this little slice of happiness and share it with you on throwback Thursday!

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