Coffee at Shuga in St. Helier, Jersey

Looking for a cracking coffee in Jersey? Well then you’re in for a treat. Jersey, especially the capital St. Helier, has a growing coffee scene and I found so many amazing new places to go and get caffeinated!

If you’re looking for an excellent blend, brewing finesse and an appreciation of coffee in its purest form then you must head to Shuga.

You’ll be in great hands, the chaps in charge are all about those good coffee vibes and have a brilliant knowledge and expertise to bring you the best brew whether it’s for your morning commute or for a lazy afternoon strolling around the capital!

Coffee at Shuga

The menu is stripped back focusing on the best high quality ingredients and precision brewing. So if you’re looking for your regular Starbucks order and syrups this is not the place for you – and I’m here for it!

Coffee purists though will love, love, love this place. It’s nailed really good coffee and the team running it is super friendly. We had a wicked coffee chat and shared a mutual love of Monmouth coffee. It was really welcoming and it was the first stop on a day of hunting for little gems we had read about. They easily added a couple more foodie places to visit onto our list and we really benefitted from their local knowledge and expertise, it really helped us steer our day well.

Henry modelling in Shuga’s seating area! ๐Ÿ˜‚

As well as an insanely good product, these guys have a really slick aesthetic. An icy baby blue is accented by a cute logo, gorgeous great greek style tiles and a soft industrial interior that really makes it stand out from the regular high street chains.

Those tiles are dreamy!

Ethics and location

Backing all of this up is a wonderful ethical tone, Shuga has made has made a commitment to compostable cups, local produce, zero food waste and direct trade coffee. YAS! So much yas for this. Shuga, you are a triple threat, good coffee, dreamy look, big positive ethic stance!

It’s also in a great location, it’s so close to Liberation Square that you could easily pop here if you were taking a look around the town.

They also offer some healthy snacks and if I remember rightly some juices in a chiller too, but the focus here really is the coffee and it shows. Within half an hour we’d had two drinks and were a bit gutted we’d only found it on the last day of our trip.

If you want a good coffee and are heading to Jersey, well then Shuga is an absolute must!

Ha ha, that’s me reflected in the window!

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