Changes to Bright Lights Big City

Don't go changing Sloth

If you’re a regular to the blog you’ll remember that prior to now there was one blog feed where all my posts were published.

Now I’ve got the main feed which still features all the posts but, now there’s also a ‘Lifestyle’ feed and ‘Public Relations’ feed separating the posts out. This will make it a bit easier for you to find the content you are interested in as well as making the blog a bit clearer to new readers.

I’ve said goodbye to the ‘CV’ and ‘portfolio’ page as I’m no longer looking for a job or a recent graduate. I wanted the blog to look less of a personal website and commit it more to it’s actual purpose.

In its place is new a ‘Press’ page where you can see where I’ve been featured by brands, my speaking engagements at Southampton Solent and other news.

I’m still in the middle of tweaks and updating posts but, please let me know what you think of the progress so far!

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