The Shore Restaurant, Penzance

The Shore Restaurant, Penzance

The Shore in Penzance is totally out of this world. Bruce Rennie is producing absolutely incredible food and I swear he’s well on his way to a Michelin Star.

He mans his kitchen every night alone, yes, you heard right he makes dishes for an entire restaurant of people alone! And, those dishes change depending on the local ingredients available locally every day.

He creates culinary masterpieces from the local catches and produce he sources from earlier in the day and has just a few hours to put a new menu together.

It’s unique, creative and some of the best food I’ve ever eaten – there’s a handful of meals that I will never forget and this is on it.

If you’re headed to Cornwall book a table at The Shore for an epic food experience…

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New Street Food at Outside-In Portsmouth

New Street Food at Outside-In Portsmouth

ᵃᵈ Portsmouth’s warehouse street food venue has been a total hit since it opened last year. It’s a favourite of mine because of its chilled dining vibes, fantastic food and great entertainment.

Outside-In regularly changes up its independent street food vendors and there’s some new offerings added into the eclectic mix to try.

I was invited to review the food court and it laid on what can only be described as an epic feast!

If you’re in the city and looking for something that’s a little different, you need to head here, take a look why…

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Temple Spa Facials at Southampton Harbour Hotel

Temple Spa Facials at Southampton Harbour Hotel

ᵃᵈ  A little bit of self care goes a long way! A well needed time out at the spa is restorative, relaxing and a little bit of luxury that can put you back together when you need it most.

Southampton Harbour Hotel now have luxurious Temple Spa treatments available at its spa and they invited me to a skin therapy workshop, something they call a Spa’rty!

Guided facials were the order of the evening and I left feeling calmer and with a very pampered, clean, glowing face.

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St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Cornwall is full of travel treasures and St. Michael’s Mount is one of them!

This tidal island is in Mount’s Bay off the coast of Marazion and has been home to the St Aubyn family since 1650 and is now managed by the National Trust.

I’ve been wanting to go to this beautiful island for many years and feel I’ve definitely ticked this off my travel bucket list.

Headed to Cornwall, put this on your visit list, here’s why…

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Bottomless Tacos at Bonita’s in Portsmouth

Bottomless Tacos at Bonita’s in Portsmouth

17You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes…

For the ever indecisive of us, and yes I class myself within this group, bottomless tacos, where you can pick any of and as many of the tacos as you like, is the DREAM!

And, that’s where Bonita’s Southsea steps in with it’s Taco Tuesday offer – it corners the market and conquers it. Actually it stamps all over the competition unapologetically while telling you you’re pretty and feeding you tacos.

Bonita’s has landed bringing its own blend of fusion Mexican food, humorous cocktails and Beyonce Brunches to the South Coast.

Heading to Portsmouth? You’re going to want to check this restaurant out because those tacos are hella-good!

And, don’t forget your camera because, Bonita’s is as pretty as a picture and you’re going to want to put it on your Instagram…

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The Liberty Lounge launches in Portsmouth

The Liberty Lounge launches in Portsmouth

There’s not many places after school and University where you can go to learn, grow and find your identity.

I don’t know about you but I’m still evolving, I don’t ever think we stop. Weirdly, some people think this stops as we get older? And, there isn’t many spaces to explore your interests or who you are.

I’m so pleased that a new creative space for women has opened in Southsea – I’m so here for this!

It’s called The Liberty Lounge and, using their words, they’ve opened a ‘mind-gym’. I love this concept and can’t wait to see what they do with the space, how they’ll support women and what classes and workshops they’ll hold.

Take a look at The Liberty Lounge

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Friday night burgers at Croxton’s Kitchen & Tap House in Portsmouth

Friday night burgers at Croxton’s Kitchen & Tap House in Portsmouth

I love a good Friday night vibe and I had such a fun time catching up over burgers with a friend at Croxton’s Kitchen & Tap House in Southsea, Portsmouth.

It’s a great hang out, with a diverse menu and the bar is well stocked with an ever changing range of beers, ales and IPAs, not to mention a delicious range of cocktails!

Two burgers coming right up…

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Creating Sustainable Artwork with North Cornwall Beach Art

Creating Sustainable Artwork with North Cornwall Beach Art

Looking for those unique travel experiences? Me too! Here’s a goodie that I love and I’ve done on my trips to Cornwall.

Creating beach art was one of the most fulfilling and fun things I’ve done and what makes it even better is that it’s completely sustainable as all you need is a rake, a broom and some string.

I joined Bill at North Cornwall Beach Art for an afternoon experiencing one of the best and most unique experiences you’ll find in Cornwall…

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Dinner at Bristol’s Honest Burger

Dinner at Bristol’s Honest Burger

A little of what you fancy does you good, and sometimes only a burger will itch that particular food scratch.

I’ve heard so much hype about Honest Burgers and I wanted to try it for so long that when I saw one on a trip to Bristol I knew that would be my spot for dinner. I wanted to try it to see what the fuss was about.

The Bristol branch is on Clare Street, just off Corn Street which is fairly central in the city.

This was my first time at Honest Burgers, take a look at my experience and what I thought, it’s a bit of a mixed bag…

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