Independent Coffee Roasters in Hampshire

Independent Coffee Roasters in Hampshire

Up your ‘at home’ coffee game with this helpful directory of Independent Coffee Roasters in Hampshire!

We are incredibly lucky to have a thriving coffee roasting scene in the county, offering a fantastic range of single origin and blended coffees.

I’ve listed local roasters by area to help you easily find a new morning brew to try. And, all of them deliver straight to your door!

Let your journey into Hampshire coffee begin…

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The Street Bakeshop, Old Basing

The Street Bakeshop, Old Basing

The Street Bakeshop in Old Basing is a hybrid, half cafe, half bakery and it combines the two elements perfectly.

This is the place to go in Basingstoke for breakfast and to pick up a loaf. Top quality food, baked goods and coffee. Oh, and some rather magnificent cake.

Basingstoke has really lacked this sort of coffee scene and I’m so excited to see a proper independent coffee scene emerge here.

Take a look around…

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