Offshore Film Festival 2019 sails into Southampton

Offshore Film Festival 2019 sails into Southampton

[AD*] Who doesn’t love seeing awesome places, feats of nature and people doing extraordinary things pushing themselves to the absolute limit?

Adventure film festivals are a form of escapism for me, it gives me travel ideas and it’s one of my favourite ways to spend an evening.

When the team at Offshore Film Festival invited me to an evening of ocean adventure through a program of films focusing on the world’s best diving, surfing and sailing I, of course, said HELL YEAH!

This was the festival’s first time in Southampton, but this is its third year touring Europe and the UK. Here I give a little insight into my evening and the short films.

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The Crimes of Grindelwald at Showcase Cinema

The Crimes of Grindelwald at Showcase Cinema

“After all this time?” said Dumbledore, “Always,” replied Snape. I am a Potterhead. I’ve loved the story since my Aunt bought me the book back when it was first released and I still love it now.

The new films in the Fantastic Beasts series are no exception, and I like many other Harry Potter fans have been very excited about the new film.

When Showcase Cinema offered me* the chance to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald at a special preview event two days ahead of public release I literally fell off my chair, and for the rest of the day was absolutely beaming.

Here’s what I thought of the film, don’t worry there’s no spoilers, and the cinema.

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