Catch up with my 2017 #yogagirlchallenge

In September I did a crazy amount of #yogaeverydamn day. Catch up with my yoga journey in my series of blog posts capturing my thoughts and feelings about practising every day. The struggles as well as the victories!

I really enjoyed doing yoga every day, it’s really helped me to clear my head and start my body on a journey back to being fit and healthy.

Every day practice is different. Some days it’s easy and fun and makes me feel alive. Other days I feel like it gives my head space to process thoughts or I can’t focus because of stress, my thoughts and frustrations.

It’s a real journey and if anything a tool to help me cope and process every day life. It’s not always perfect and it’s certainly not what it looks like on certain people’s Instagram accounts. You know all Ghandi quotes and contortionist poses. Come on – we weren’t all child gymnasts!

I’ve put all my posts together so you can catch up on my very real yoga journey. It captures the sad, the frustrations as well as the happy. I hope it helps you the same way it’s helped me.

Read all my posts from the month of #yogaeverydamnday…

A yoga challenge for September 
#Yogagirlchallenge starts today! 
Week one of the #YogaGirlChallenge 
Week two of the #YogaGirlChallenge 
Week three of the #YogaGirlChallenge 
Week four of the #YogaGirlChallenge 
Week five of the #YogaGirlChallenge, October 5, 2017

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Have you been following my yoga journey? If so, what do you think? Has it inspired you to take up yoga or at least try it? Could it be that you’re looking for a nudge to start? Share with me your thoughts and feelings in the comments section on this post.

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