Cake from Cherry Trees in Padstow

A big slab of cake from Padstow’s favourite cake shop Cherry Trees is the perfect pick me up mid-afternoon on your travels.

With a charming backstory and amazing produce, it’s easy to see why it’s a firm favourite with visitors and locals alike.

On the harbour

Finding a place to breakfast in Padstow was harder than I originally thought. We walked around a lot until we found somewhere and I was surprised it was a bit trickier than I had anticipated.

Thankfully we stumbled across this gem right on the front of the harbour serving coffee, breakfast, brunch and massive slabs of cake to eat in or takeaway.

Despite it being early the place was rammed and we got the last table at 9am when it opened. Barely an hour later there were queues out of the door – it’s very, very popular and everyone we spoke to inside who has been before said we couldn’t leave without a cake.

It wasn’t hard to see why either, there’s a tiny glass display cabinet with the most magnificent looking home-made cakes covered in swishy icing and edible flowers. It would have been impossible to leave without getting cake – it was so enticing!

The cake display counter is grand!

The Cherry Trees Story

Cherry Trees has a charming back story to its origins – Henry and I enjoyed reading about the owner who grew up in New Zealand and dreamt of having her own coffee shop here in England as her Grandfather once ran a cafe in the harbour. After a long search across London, this space became available and the rest as they say, is history!

With a fondness for baking her sweet treats fill the display cabinets to bursting point but you can guarantee they’ll be empty by the end of the day.

Oh, that’s a top tip btw, don’t wait until the afternoon to pick up some cake, definitely grab some while there’s still a selection available! It’s worth it, trust me!

Food and cake

While I did have breakfast, eggs royale, I completely forgot to photograph it probably because I was horribly hangry. ┬áThe night before we’d had a very unsuccessful dinner trip and had eaten very little so by the time we got to Cherry Trees the hunger was real and I was monosyllabic!

After eating breakfast I did return to my happy self and was certainly up for picking a cake, that’s for sure. Breakfast was ok, the coffee wasn’t great which was a bit disappointing but where Cherry Trees really comes into its own is with the cakes. This is clearly its speciality and it kicks the butt of most other cake offerings in Padstow. This is for certain, the place you want to go for tea and cake.

The cake selection is excellent. There was a lot of choice, one of the cakes was completely covered with toffee and popcorn and looked like the most gooey moreish cake ever, there was coffee and walnut, carrot cake and lots of cheesecakes!

I went for the gorgeous looking lemon cake, which had just the right amount of icing and was decorated with beautiful edible flowers and was so incredibly fresh and… I’m trying to avoid saying moist, but it was! (Sorry for the haters of that word, I’m not keen on it either!)

The delicious lemon cake at Cherry Trees

I took these slices to go and sat on the harbour wall later in the day when I’d walked a long way and I was flagging. It was the perfect pick me up and the cake so big that I did not need lunch! I love it when cake places are generous, there’s nothing worse paying good money for a tiny mouthful of cake.

The cake was superb and brilliant value for money. I will be returning this year because I definitely want to have another bit of lemon cake – fingers crossed it’s there when I go!

Padstow is lucky to have such a great cake place, stop by for some afternoon tea on your travels, the cake will not disappoint!

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