Brunch by the sea at Southsea Beach Cafe

Is there anything better than a long, lazy brunch by the sea?

I’m all about the slow Sundays, catching up on my favourite reads and chatting with the best people.

One of my favourite places is Southsea Beach Cafe, it’s bang on the seafront in Portsmouth and its food is fantastic. This post is long overdue!

Take a look at one of my favourite spots in the south…

It really is right on the seafront!

Taken from in front of Southsea Beach Cafe

There’s also been a new addition of an outside terrace which is absolutely glorious in the summer months.

The building itself is just one level and it has three sides that are floor to ceiling windows that can be rolled back when it’s hot.

Dogs are welcome and I’ve had many an enjoyable meal with various doggos close by (for someone without pets, I love seeing all the pups of Portsmouth!) – all very well behaved may I add.


The menu is really varied with classic crowd pleasers and dishes that make my little millennial heart sing – yes, that is anything with avocado, and what?!

All the meals are labelled up to indicate whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or gluten free and there’s loads of options if one of those descriptions fit you!

There’s also a lunch menu that looks amazing, I definitely need to go and try it out.

Scallop and bacon bap

My favourite thing to eat off the menu is the scallop and bacon bap, big pan seared scallops are nestled in a toasted bun with crispy bacon, rocket and just the right amount of garlic aioli.

It’s just a joy to eat. It’s a two handed affair, and if you don’t get aioli on your chin you’re not doing it right.

A seafood brunch is right up my street and there’s nothing better than the combination of salty bacon and fresh scallops – oh dang, it’s just so good!

Breakfast burrito

Like Mexican food? Well, this breakfast burrito is what you should go for then!

A soft flour tortilla is covered with smashed avocado, crispy bacon lardons, scrambled egg, rosti and cherry tomato salsa. Then on the top of that there is melted mozzarella – delicious!

Other things I like to eat off the menu are the sweetcorn fritters – these combine sweetcorn with courgette and are on a bed of smashed avocado, cherry tomato salsa and balanced on top is a poached egg. The runny egg and fritter is crazy good and it is the finishing touch to the meal.

And, my final recommendation, the thing that everyone my generation is mocked for, yes it does include more avocado – it’s the mashed avocado on toasted sourdough with two poached eggs, herb oil, pea shoots and toasted seeds – I like mine with a dash of sriracha!

There’s so many other great things on the menu, take a look on the Southsea Beach Cafe website to see a sample menu.

Coffee and drinks

The coffee is great and just the right strength to kick start your morning and turn that frown upside down.

I usually double park my drink with a freshly squeezed orange juice or a smoothie to get in some additional vitamin c.

Southsea Beach Cafe

Delicious food, awesome coffee and a view to top it all off, I’m sure you can see why I go back time and time again.

Finish your brunch with a stroll along the sea front to blow the cobwebs away, I promise you it’s a wonderful way to start the day!

6 thoughts on “Brunch by the sea at Southsea Beach Cafe

    1. You’re welcome – thanks for giving the post a read Margaret. It is a real treat and it’s super dog friendly which is nice. I’ve never had a bad experience with the dogs in there either, people are very respectful. Hope you get to enjoy a visit with your pup! 🐶

    1. Yeah, it’s such a great concept and when it is hot in the UK, it’s a total dream location. In fact I like it when it’s all rainy and misty too, it’s so atmospheric! In my part of the UK there’s not loads of places like this either, so it feels really special!

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