Brunch at Home Coffee, Southsea

Portsmouth is blessed to be a coffee shop mecca on the south coast. There’s tons of beautiful independent coffee shops spread out sporadically throughout the graffiti lined streets of Southsea.

A while ago I found Home Coffee, a gorgeous understated little place near the start of Albert Road in Southsea. And, its name does it justice, it feels like you’re at home.

This place oozes cosy coffee shop vibes. I love people watching and spending slow mornings reading, writing and drinking coffee. And, this is the place to do it!

People pop in and out for takeaways, there are other people pottering about their mornings and there’s the perfect window seat to watch the world go by.

Here’s a look at Home Coffee…

Inside Home Coffee

Inside, on trend tiled walls, scaffold furniture and indoor plants capture the sunlight beautifully. It has that lovely feeling of being home-made, like you’ve stepped into someone’s house.

I love feeling comfortable when I’m out and while the glittering cocktail bars and ‘must be seen’ places are ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ fabulous there’s nothing quite like being able to have some downtime in your comfy clothes, especially in the mornings.

The cafe is long and thin, and my top tip is to head to the back where there’s a small outside area that’s a lovely little sun trap in the summer.

We arrived just after it opened and had our pick of the tables and settled on one near the front so we could see the comings and goings on Albert Road. Are you as nosey as I am? What are people wearing and doing? There’s something self indulgent about sitting and watching the world go by, you’ll spy me looking over the top of my magazine, yeah, I’m so subtle. 😂

Of course, we ordered coffees as soon as we sat down having just walked along the seafront and were in need of a hot drink to warm us up. Is there anything better than coming in from the cold and having a hot drink? That feeling is the BEST!


Tempting pastries freshly cooked that morning from Bread Addiction sit on the side and you can smell them and the fresh coffee as soon as you walked in. I knew I was in the right place when these beauties were sat on the side waiting for me! I mean, come on, you try and resist that smell, it’s virtually impossible.

Sandwiches, cakes and light meals are prepared to order and after a chilly morning the seafront the cheese toasties were calling. And, oh boy did it look good when it arrived. I was so ready for this and let me tell you, it did not last very long at all – no surprises there!

There was so much on the menu that I wanted to try that I ended up sharing the mozzarella, tomato and pesto toastie and the strawberry and banana bircher oat pot.

I’ve never been good at sharing food but, my boyfriend likes very similar things to me and he’s broken my non-sharing rule. I know, I know, I’ve changed! Prior to him I was very much like Joey from Friends…’Bex doesn’t share food’.

I’d like to go back in the warmer weather and try one of the smoothie bowls – they sound so refreshing.

The bircher was in a compostable cup and all take away packaging was also compostable which is so important and obviously right at the front of the owners thought process.

It’s incredibly important that these eco options are available everywhere and it makes me so happy when I see businesses embracing greener practices. And, isn’t it always the smaller businesses? Come on Starbucks, you know I love you but if these guys can do it, you’ve got no excuse!

After a very tasty brunch, I was well set up for the busy day ahead. I love starting the weekends like this, a little bit of exercise, some tasty food and drink and you’re ready for anything!

Before leaving I grabbed a tumeric latte, which seems to be becoming a bit of an obsession of mine. It’s great for digestion and belly bloat, and if this little drink is done right it is delicious. I am rather partial to Home Coffee’s version!

Home Coffee

There’s just something about this quirky little cafe that just hits all the marks and makes it a great addition to the growing coffee scene in Southsea.

The owner even came out and had a chat with us, happy to see us scoffing what we’d ordered and telling us about how he was inspired from his travels to Australia. You can really see his influences and he favours healthy foods and strong coffee blends.

Home Coffee hasn’t got a big presence on the web and to be honest that doesn’t bother me, because it makes it a local in the know, place to go! If you do want to have a little look it makes an appearance on Trip Advisor and Twitter.

But, don’t let this put you off, you’re going to want to grab a coffee or spend a morning at Home Coffee! ✌🏻

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